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  1. 11 hours ago, MountainGoat said:

    i would attempt to bring up as much root stock as you can, cut the vine back considerably and it'll be all good. You should be able to take cuttings from the vine trimmings, but you'll need to keep them warm if you're in NSW, in a humidity dome on a windowsill should be sweet...

    Thanks mountaingoat . Just needed a bit of confidence as worried about my babies.. yeah was thinking cuttings wont take in winter but your right I should try to keep some humid.. I do have a mini greenhouse I use for mycology that I may be able to out then in... hmmm more to contemplate..  cheers for the input though.. appreciate it..

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  2. So I am moving house next week and I need to transplant 5 caapi vines that have established in the ground for 18 months or more. I was hoping for any advice or tips from you veteran ethnobotanists please.

    My plan so far is to trim back the vines a bit and possibly trim the roots(not yo sure on that one) and plant with heaps of water Crystal's and some good soil. The soil at the new place is very sandy so worried they will struggle if I don't dig bug holes and fill with hummus type of soil..

    The black caapi from @Torsten is absolutely going off and grows so well down here in the mid north coast.. the others have been slow to really take off..


    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

  3. Hey guys just throwing it out there if there are any members on or around the mid north coast of NSW. Port Macquarie,Coffs Harbour way.


    If interested in an entheogenic ally for plant trades and or meet up.


    Would be great to have more locals to chat plants cacti and mycology with.



  4. So dont mean to bump an old thread but cheers for the advice Glaukus and convergence. Buried it in new pot and soil and filled the top up with perlite and it has started taking the prefered loph shape. Trippy if I grow it like this for a while and take it out would look kinda like a mini grafted loph. Didnt see your post sorry trichoceratops..Thats a mad pic and cheers for the warm welcome




  5. That sounds like a good idea convergence. I have a blue torch i can graft on to. Just cautious because i am a virgin grafter ha.

    But if its not going to return to normal shape I guess I have nothing to lose.

    Do you think best grafting stock would be a trich or a blue torch?

  6. When i received this loph it was small standard looking L W . I beleive it has grown up instead of out due to not reveiving enough light on my window sil . I have now had it out in part shade for a few days and staring to red.Tinking either back to the window sil or try my greenhouse. Has anyone experienced this kind of growth with a loph? I have not seen any pictures anywhere that is similar.. Any help or comments welcome : )