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  1. Thanks it seems the one im after is the more physically stimulating one
  2. If anyone can spare say 20 seeds for 10 dollars that would be great
  3. Wanting to propergate and ephedra species that is more physically activating rather than as a decongestant I bought some Ephedra Nerveradis seeds or Mormon tea how does that fair?
  4. jason33

    Need a 30cm Bridgesei log

    plus $10 postage
  5. Have been looking on ebay but too expensive a mid section is fine, preferably stressed will pay 20 dollars
  6. jason33

    everyone seems to want khat seeds!

    Yes i checked out the going rate $30 for two hundred and you got a deal email address life [email protected]
  7. jason33

    everyone seems to want khat seeds!

    I doreally need high quantities beyond 50 seeds
  8. Hes charging 50 dollars and its narrow leaf in same 75ml pot lol
  9. jason33

    everyone seems to want khat seeds!

    Khat seeds that is
  10. I know im not the only one but ill pay25 dollars for 25 seeds. my email is [email protected]
  11. jason33

    Need Fresh Khat seeds

    One may be enough when its mature but that takes years there is a high failure rate with khat seeds anyway I know its not the best season but if I can raise some in my germinator it will be good ill pay well for them im intending to fill my back yard with them.
  12. jason33

    Need Fresh Khat seeds

    I suffer from narcolepsy and dysthymia (long standing moderate depression) I have read that Arab doctors in the 18th and 19th century used to use it for people suffering lethargy and depression and want to grow a bulk amount 50-200 since firstly I havn'nt experience growing them and expect a high failure rate and secondly since the effects are short lived will need a lot of plants in my garden. I will pay gladly for some fresh seeds my email address is [email protected], thankyou
  13. My email is [email protected] and im looking at buying Catha edulis seeds in medium to large quantities ie 50-200