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  1. They were/are definitely psilocybe mushrooms. They blueing can easily be seen on the stems, the tip of the larger cap and an intense stain on the cap of the smaller specimen. Investigation of the spore samples showed some interesting results!

  2. Is a bit different this crest, i dont think it a tricho, maybe a borzicactus, who knows. If you cut it up for grafting it should throw a pup or two where cut which more than likely will be of regular growth, then you will know the ID, im very interested to see what it is.

  3. Doesnt look like plain old huascha to me, it certainly is involved in that mongrelised group that is the grandiflora complex perhaps with huascha parentage but different to what i have and have seen labelled as T. huascha. Nice plant regardless, very much like schickendantzii in many ways but with small red flowers rather than the big white numbers.