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  1. PD.

    North east Vic. dung lovers.

    There are 4 different types on the shit, only the ones at the front with the blue\black flaking are the actives.
  2. PD.

    growing subs!

    Try THIS shaman
  3. PD.

    What's with the trance scene these days?

    haha, Concord dawn are fuckin awesome. I suggest everyone check them out. also, Astral projection, old but good.
  4. PD.

    North east Vic. dung lovers.

    Yeah i agree with you BM, i dont think they are p.sub. The mature cap colour is a little different, although the variations i have seen vary greatly, this is different again, and i have never seen that flaking before. I have seen the peeling stems on psilocybes before but form a different location. And yeah, its cow shit.
  5. ROFLMAO some days you would kill to be a fly on the wall
  6. PD.

    More Flowers

    Once again EG, very nice flowers. well done.
  7. PD.

    Mystery Trich.

    Well it doesnt look like this will be settled until i go back to the garden and get some pics and ask alot of questions. Like i said there was heaps of different sorts of Trichs all growing outdoor, some had partial shade from a large euc. but the majority were in the open. stay tuned
  8. PD.

    T pachanoi?

    Awesome Archaea, how old (roughly) are these little babies?
  9. PD.

    Mystery Trich.

    Yeah the cutting is very frosted in normal light compared to other trichs i have
  10. PD.

    Mystery Trich.

    There is plenty of blue on these T.bridgesii I should also mention that the skin on the cutting in question is fairly rough, similar to that of a scop.
  11. PD.

    Mystery Trich.

    Yeah the cutting is off one big freakin cactus, next time i go to the garden i got it from i wont forget the camera From what i could see ther was four, maybe more variations of T. pach like cacti. There was so many trichs in the one area that are all around 20 years old i didnt know what to look at. I might head there next Friday to get some info off the grower(i didnt meet him the other day) as to what he has growing, if he knows.
  12. The plants were disguised in and around other plants, thats what i meant about nosey neighbours dude. Its all well and good to say you should have done this, should have done that, in retrospect, yes, there are a few things i would have changed but overall the result was out of my control, i cannot physically stop people from scoping out my backyard over the fence nor can you watch your fence twenty four hours a day. As for growing indoor, there was limitied space and Nat(my partner) hates me growing indoor and i have been growing both ways for over ten years. Outdoor IMO kicks arse over indoor, and there is no smoke sweeter than that produced by your own hand. I have had some awesome harvests over the years but at the end of the day you must realise that you cannot control EVERY detail in regards to your grow room or plot and sometimes you run into bad luck.
  13. PD.

    Echinopsis Subnudenta

    Very nice EG. I think these are the same cacti i got a little while back, i hope the flowers on mine look as good as that. Where abouts do you keep this cacti, inside, outside or greenhouse?
  14. PD.

    The meth epidemic

    Yeah it was a bit ordinary, i did get a bit of a chuckle out of some parts but.
  15. PD.

    "The Burn Test"

    dont worry DOM, if the DMT has been cleaned up enough it should next to no smell or taste and no colour at all............. that smell comes back once its vapourised, nowhere near as extreme as dirty spice but.
  16. PD.

    "The Burn Test"

    I agree with you there indigo, " it smells how it smells" although the smell reminds me and a few others i know of old people for some strange reason, another mate thinks it smells like an old shearing shed .
  17. Nosey neighbours and backstabbing inlaws are the pot growers biggest enemy.
  18. If i knew the answer to that, i beleive the list i provided earlier in the thread would be a great deal longer. As usual when it comes to weed, the poolice didnt seem overly concerned and almost missed my five best ladies. For me the whole ordeal wasnt a stress it was just the following twelve months that sucked arse. i mean if you are gonna grow, you gotta deal with the worst which is either getting ripped or pinched but i think thirteen plants in a suburban backyard might be pushing it. Strange thing was that they didnt search my house, just the yard. I was thankful too cause the fuckers can make a mess. funny that....... 13 plants, raided on the 13th, at 1pm-1300 hours.
  19. Well i have always pronounced it "sil-oh-sighb". Even if it was the wrong pronunciation it wouldnt worry me and i dont think i could change, i have been saying it that way for so long.
  20. Yeah i have had a few run ins with the poolice, Three drug related matters - I dont grow weed anymore or use iv. Two drink driving offences - I rarely drink now, although this was more out of concern for my health. Three assault related matters - see above It could have been worse if i had not made some sensible changes to my life, which at the time didnt seem like the best option, but in the long run these descisions saved me. Many old friends werent so lucky, nor did they have the opportunities i had. Some are gone, some in jail, some debilitated by accidents and others i will never find again. There is one trend that i have noticed though, all the people i know that went inside at a young age seem to be stuck. What i mean is they go in and out, in and out all the time(for varying lengths of time of course), and for the most of them it doesnt bother them, or so they say. Yeah sure when they first get out they have all these plans.......that lasts a day or two, then the using begins(again). I guess what an old mate said is true but, "At least ya know where i'am, I m gettin a feed every day and a roof over me head, plus heaps of shit talkers to talk shit to. And yeah...white ox aint that bad mate"
  21. lol, yeah i have heard a few good ones.... An onion. mmmmm tasty Balsamic/red wine vinegar. not as tasty as the onion mouthwash. i did hear that the "lollipop" tests were avaiable from chemists(can someone verify this). It is the same as the ones used buy the poolice, these would be good just to make sure before you drive. They are marketed at parents to test their children for drugs........ if only my parents had used this. A friend that drives buses for a living(he gets tested regularly and must not have ANYTHING in his system) was told by an RTA official that even a heavy smoker will not give a positive after nine hours. He always waits nine hours and hasnt tested positive yet. But if the fuckers want ya they will get ya.
  22. PD.

    10,000 Days stuff

    lol A friend and myself had a concord dawn album playing at the same time as a pendulum album, it sounded awesome, everything seemed to fit together. I guess it all depends on what you have eaten
  23. PD.

    funny joke

    The teacher then asks little billy why he wasnt at school the day before Billy replies, "my dad got burnt" "oh dear, i hope he is ok" said the teacher, "well miss..." says billy, "they dont fuck around at the crematorium" Anyone else got little billy tales.
  24. Is A. maidenii really in NE vic? or did you mean SE vic Rev? I have heard there is more than just the few locations in the SE, and this plant is more widespread than originally thought. Any truth behind this?