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  1. there will always, be folks who seem to think they know what others should or should not do, but remember it is your life to live, not others to live your life for you, so be yourself no matter what others think

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  2. Finally after 3 and a half decades of recurring nightmares over the torture endured from the abusive narco colonial boomer parent and the torture of  watching my own kids have to endure her immaturity and hate ,  .... ultimately to their bitter end too 


    mother nature finally placed a fucking stick in my hand and oh boy did I finally hit my olde bitch back ...  haha wow that  kinda retribution I dnno if I can call a nightmare this time but hey why not? .. was hardly pleasurable until she got a taste of the own medicine for 5 seconds ... at which point while remembering back after waking it was almost a flash of the extatic! 


    ...maybe I can lucid dream a rocket launcher next time save getting hit by the fecal matter and the rubbish she likes to empty over people while they're ill and at their most vulnerable? let's hope so :3 ... bout time that olde piece of shit got a taste of justice and true equality.


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  3. Started a new Mimosa scabrella 20190528_124246.jpgthis year - tried more but hey?


    Mimosa tenuiflora seems to be ok and pretty tolerant to being "woven"20190528_161944.jpg-20191010_125957.jpgand trained20190528_161854.jpg-20191010_130234.jpgto shapes :3! 

    Puttem out for the summer tho20190909_193541.jpg20190909_193838.jpgwhich might've helped? - fuctifino?.. Prolly.


    Mimosa ophthalmocentra began the year at this kinda stage 20190528_161810.jpg 20190528_161742.jpgthen spent the sunniest part of the season outside too20190729_173927.jpg ..and wow Fakken thorns on these mvafqrz! 20190923_133955.jpg20190923_134005.jpg..Anyways eventually both started to20190902_113209.jpg20190902_113219.jpg flower  D:< ! 20190926_131349.jpg20190926_131350.jpg20190926_131413.jpg20190926_131426.jpg20190926_131427.jpg20190926_131432.jpg. Eventually tho 20191007_125556[1].jpghad to come back indoors but didn't seem to put it off florrificational delightage20191007_125544.jpg20191007_125556.jpg20191007_125602.jpg... tree#2 should be about to open up any moment so hopefully they'll both be flowering simultaneously despite a move to the living room for a few weeks then to the bedroom ystd to make room for 20190413_150527[1].jpgcactical over winterings20191010_142946.jpg20191010_170823.jpg.. 


    So yeh.. Acacially though it's been left to mother nature and boy is she a skilled-assed and very dedicated garden hoe! 


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  4. On 29/03/2019 at 12:25 PM, infi said:

    I overwintered all my plants so far but will try to keep some of the Acacias outside next winter. Maidenii, Floribunda should be able to handle the frost. Not sure about simplex.

    Where did you find thos mimosas ophthalmocentra seeds. Just started scabrella. Did your scabrella got frost?

    scabbies died in my hallway but got 1 back this year .. lil juvie 

    opthalmo came from some trees before they were destroyed in brazil sadly :/ ... is why cracking them is so important! :3 


    Good luck with those beauties mate!