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  1. modern.shaman

    Dark Green Bridgezoid? or just a Pachanoi?

    Here is an update of the normal section I originally posted.
  2. modern.shaman

    The Spineless Trichocereus Scopulicola Project

    So I decided to separate these and am gonna just keep the 4 largest seedlings. Here is my lc scop x scop in the ground Hopefully grows as quick as my other in ground cacti
  3. modern.shaman

    Bridge splinter in bone.

    It won't dissolve... the few spines I've had break under my skin would be a pain for about a week and then I could squeeze to remove or cut and pull with tweezers. Depending on how deep it has gone or how long it was I would go to the doc to not fuck up my hand by mutilating myself with a razor. If you can see it moving it shouldn't be too hard cutting a layer of skin and pulling out with tweezers
  4. modern.shaman

    Cactus Surgery

    I have a trichocereus that has a hole on its side which I worried about at first but when it is VErY well calloused and time passes the hole reduced in size and the water that does pool evaporates after a day or two. what you can do is cut a small channel so most of the water drains out the side/bottom but I wouldn't remove that dead material as it is likely already well calloused and thick which prevents rot. i opted for surgery making the large hole because mine had active rot and ended up removing a tennis ball sized chunk of rotting flesh; removing a portion of the core as well. cacti in nature have holes and damage that causes water to pool but they don't rot. If it is very well callous in a sunny location and in AU it's dry and hot so water should pool for more than a day or two so I think your fine. Saguaro cacti have holes birds nest in but it is a desert so idk but I'm sure some water pulls for a while. ill check if I have a photo of my cactus
  5. modern.shaman

    Pachanoi or Pachanot?

    Pachanot IMO but if you're in AU it may be a hybrid.
  6. Hey Evil Genius... I know you much be busy so I'll post here. Please check your PM and send to the address I provided you and not my original address.
  7. modern.shaman

    Dark Green Bridgezoid? or just a Pachanoi?

    I hope that is the case. Here is the crest from that same clone... if I'm lucky the spines will start growing longer. Planted one in the ground which is starting to pick up speed.
  8. I'm pretty sure that Trout (or another prominent member) has a list of locations with map but wasn't released publicly to preserve them from poachers and thieves. Not sure where it was posted but whoever it was did offer respected members the information via PM. There was a post a few years back on here where someone was traveling there and wanted locations (slice I think?) and they were provided info via PM. If this were public knowledge people would go there and just harvest the entire plant and after a year or so it would be completely gone similar to other new cacti found with locations revealed.
  9. modern.shaman

    Dark Green Bridgezoid? or just a Pachanoi?

    Here are some more photos almost a month later; the older spines are getting longer. New spines are quite blond which seems bridgesii like to me. I'm gonna keep it as a bridgezoid for now. Likely bridgesii x pachanoi or reverse IMO. Gonna feed as much as possible come spring to see if any thing changes visually.
  10. Does anyone know of someone interested in buying this book? I'm looking to sell my pre-order hardcover book at a discount at $90 USD... 20 dollars off. Anyone interested pm me for paypal info you can also send me your best offer for this book. Id also accept bitcoin. Your name and address would be sent to EG in place of mine.
  11. I just planted a few around a house I work at; a year later they are all doing fine. I didn't think too far ahead and planted a trichocereus terscheckii just over a foot away from the wall in the back. I didn't fertilize initially but did add some top soil and slow release ferts due to very sandy native soil. I didn't really work the soil to loosen it but there is a rock layer just 6 inches deep. If it was my land/house I would have dug deeper to loosen the soil a bit but I'm sure that the roots will work their way deeper and will run far and wide. Some cacti in the back are in too much shade but were planted in the summer time where they get sunlight. I've also planted a well calloused unrooted cutting directly on top of the soil maybe just 1 inch deep and it rooted and is growing fine (besides not getting enough sunlight now) In a few years the close proximity of the cacti I planted will cause issues but I can just remove those that are a problem or just prune back ;) I hope I am able to get flowers before their size becomes an issue. The soil here is already quick draining so I didn't need to amend the soil other then some ferts due to poor soil. Perlite seems like a terrible additive as it will eventually float to the surface after heavy rains. Pumice would be a better option or even any others like lava rock. I'm in zone 10b and don't get anywhere near freezing temps rarely get sub 45 temps.
  12. modern.shaman

    The Spineless Trichocereus Scopulicola Project

    WOW Scop x bridgesii look AMAZING I might have to buy some more zelly seeds and store them until I am willing to sow seeds again. So here are some ' Koehres scop'. I'm with Master B... NEVER again I bought 4k seeds of that 'scop'. I did get high germ rate near 90% however they are NOTHING close to scop. My graft died but I did keep these seedlings growing in a pot. Very upset with this purchase thankfully was able to get some lc scop x scop and have 1 in the ground now.
  13. 3+ years ago I was growing bulk bridgesii seed and this seedling stalled but was not killing off. It pupped several times and I fell in love with it. This cutting was planting out in the ground late Dec. 2015 at around 6-8 inches and is now standing at 28 inches; about 20 inches in a year with a month to go. This cactus is in full sun all day and for now is showing no glaucusness but that only happens in shade? The cactus flopped over in the summer but after a watering would stand firm and now that it is well rooted doesn't seem to topple but does have some support. Not sure if that is a trait. I see a pachanoi due to color with this cactus but does it look like it has some bridgesii genetics? The spines look very bridgesii like to me but am not sure. It is still young/small and I'll update in 6 months after it hopefully pups and grows. The crested section looks very pachanoi like but perhaps the spines will grow larger with more sun/age. Grafted clones look very peruvianus-like very different then own roots. My other bridgesii in the ground is a very light green later getting a silver coat rather then blue and another small seedling is also a dark green so I'm confused (pictures are from a 2-3 months ago not recent)
  14. modern.shaman

    Possible San Pedro?

    Looks like scop.