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  1. 20160512_092231.jpg

    Add and potted some great cutting from Sacred Succulents to my collection.


    Juuls Giant




    Kimuras Giant


    Los  Banos

    T. bridgesii 'W. Baker 5452'

    T. peruvianus 'Serra Blue'


    Thanks to the two awesome Sabers that make this possible!!!


    And the third Saber, the legend for a nice Kimnach. Thanks Thanks Thanks



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    not just a nice bridge ... but wow an amazing photograph too!!


    *added a very handsome luther burbank and a very prickly torres and torres to the collection thanks to an Uber Sabkateer today which was such a pleasure to see arrive and unpack..


    -and another Sabber lit my day up also in the form of a sexy eileen the other day if I forgot to post about it ..

    thank you sagi for making this so too!


    my mind wants to read xyleen struther burbwank and .. tosser+tosser .. i guess some latent adolescense i may need to clear out lol

    Yes. A great thanks to caudata  which makes is possible to hold this spezial SS clones in hands!

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  3. Hi,

    for me the plant looks peruvianus too. The problem is that a lot peruvianus seeds are sold as pachanoi, so the seller sow pach seeds.

    I got 2 plants that i bought as pachanoi too. But after 2 years growing in full sun in my green house you can see that they are pure peruvianus.

    Let the plant grow in full sun and the plant goes thicker and the spines longer as now.

    Regards from Germany.

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