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  1. jackz

    Trade List

    hey ! that was an amazing seeds collection! pm me if you still have the seeds in stock? Thanks
  2. jackz

    Help With Psychotria Viridis leaf cuttings?

    can you post some pic of your seedlings?
  3. money over matter

  4. jackz

    Mind Over Matter

    This is one of my favourite topics, i believe that it is TRUE that our minds are actually affecting our surroundings everyday. I learned meditation a few years ago and i did some test such like telekinesis or psiwheel test, mind reading and some more, i have a minimal success with telekinesis but with mind reading and sending thought i had more success. Surprised me once! lol
  5. jackz

    learning guitar as physiotherapy

    Well, i am a guitar player too ;), i love to shred just like Malmsteen and others, and it's been 7 years since i started. I learned it myself, no guidance from musician teacher, no course, no friends to teach, that's true, i search for video lesson, books from the net and local store, finally i can smile with my current achievement, but still, i dont really like to play infront of crowd, i play only with my family but usually alone. When alone i'll like to play a slow romantic or classical rythm+pluck, I can say that playing guitar had helped me a lot, released my stress, etc, but the most joyful moment to me is playing in front of my loved one before i got married with her , I remember her smile and her face filled with happiness, and she said she cant never ever let me go anymore... Take Care, jackz
  6. jackz

    Help With Psychotria Viridis leaf cuttings?

    Hello, if it's just a small area of browning, it still can root but as Alice said, you have to wait for a couple of weeks or maybe a few months before you can see any shoots or roots. This happens to me before and it survived. Just make sure to not exposed it to full sun, keep in shaded place with high humidity and it will be fine.