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  1. yikes at the wikipedia link :unsure: using cubisms guide to lend credibility to a 'scientific' media article, I feel this fails! I mean I know its not scientific media,but surely we can apply the same logic to an online encyclopedia?

  2. On 29/10/2021 at 9:48 PM, -RC- said:

    2XB!!!!! :o :lol:


    Dude, nice to see you are still lurkin around these traps.


    For sure cubes can handle lower temps, and I'm pretty sure over the years in this thread I have found them into May up here.


    But then we aren't talking "Holy shit!" (pun intended), we're talking "Oh cool, they're still coming up!" :wink::P


    Yes bro I'm still sniffing around every few months :-) so awesome to see this legendary thread still active!!!

    Trust you doing well RC


    On 30/10/2021 at 9:23 PM, oncewhywechange said:

     they are everywhere at the moment. northern NSW.




    thanks for posting this, still been pretty wet around here, Might have to get off my arse!

  3. Although it is early I am hearing good reports on cubes and pans SEQ last week or two- Seeing some piccies of some lovely looking fruits! Not quite abundant but surprised at how early. Having said that I think cubes can handle down to say 18 deg, and I would say a super mild winter this year.

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  4. yeah i dunno, maybe not really serious about catfishing, but i found it strange that he was posting a whole heap about his studies etc and doing tissue culture, but didnt think to label seeds with a botanical name???? rather than the made up name he gave them.

    i just guessed his online persona was somewhat elaborated or something, you know to sell his stuff...

    I did a few orders like a couple years ago now it seems, received a couple and had one seized and destroyed because of labelling, all legit allowed in the country but destroyed because of that. I even recall asking specifically about labelling but the message musnt have gotten through it's a shame. anyway he seemed lovely etc

     i think there was another guy involved, ando or something, and i didnt dig that vibe too much.

    He also doxxed another aussie who had received some of what i had seized, he was like hit him up for some.... lolz

    anyway just my angle, he had plenty of interesting seed available, just didnt seem to know how to be a professional, he probz does now- good luck yall

  5. 17 hours ago, Gimli said:

    I remember when I was living in a remote country town end of 2012, first getting into bitcoin and wanting to buy some stuff. They were about $8-11aud/ea from memory.


    Got a few from mt gox (now defunct I believe), got some stuff and then a short time after lost my wallet with about 100~ coins left on it.


    GIven the price they are now I am absolutely kicking myself :(

    tough break bro, you coulda sdettled for 3/4 million AUD today, but even then you'd be selling too early!! You'd better buy some more, before its too late :-)

  6. 23 minutes ago, paradox said:

    regardless of how anyone feels 2xb, do my words really have anything to do with anything?  I'm just another jerk off babbling on the internet.


    you seem to have said you basically agree with the flat earth idea.  you obviously care enough to be posting at all, so instead of distracting the issue & making it about my naughty words why not give a positive contribution & explain why you are not retarded for doing so? 

    Okay doke, I'm of the opinion the earth is sphere like, a big ball holding a place in the infinite grid but am also partial to simulation ideas ;-)

    What ever it is, its a guess and we really have no idea if we are honest, therefore I think its inappropriate to slander others for having different ideas than I hold.

    I think compassion and love is the way forward for human kind, that doesn't mean i think we should foster preposterous ideas, just that when we are interacting with one another to be respectful.

    This is a struggle for me everyday BTW, I was raised completely differently to how I wish to live my life, but this is where I am at, and will keep moving forward.


    As for caring enough to post, well to be honest, I had hours to kill yesterday waiting for concrete to go off..... I probably would have held my tongue ordinarily. apologies for the side tracking...



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  7. 3 hours ago, paradox said:

    interesting insequent, i'll check it out. 


    i agree it's hard to know what peoples real tone is in a text discussion which is why i don't let myself get personally offended by text on a screen from people i have never met.  maybe thats also the reason i don't worry too much about offending people either..  maybe thats my bad..


    2XB, debate or not, why is a bunch of text criticizing an idea so offensive?  why does every conversation these days seem to come down to whether someones feelings are hurt rather than the content?  i mean, i know i have been blunt & if you don't know me you might think i'm angry & mean or something, i know i have said dismissive things which may distract from any point i have but i'm not trying to be unfair here.


    where can you go these days to really nut out ideas.. or criticize ideas as it may be?  it seems the philosophy section here is as good of a place as many.. The willingness of people to fearlessly engage in difficult & complex discussion is always why i loved the corroboree.  or maybe i'm just being sentimental..


    anyway 2XB, from your post it would seem that you agree with the flat earth idea.  please for the love of humanity, whether your avatar is a manky old bong or not, humor me & please take some time & explain to me why. 

    The thing is I don't care for the topic at all, I prefer to fanaticise about other cool stuff.

    I would like to say though that criticism can be productive, but I haven't seen any constructive criticism, only mockery and condescending comments.

    I'm not offended one bit, but I did form shallow opinion when you were throwing the term retarded around so flippantly in a derogatory tone, as though it was like 1996??? 

    Other than that, this thread probably wouldn't have survived with out the trolling, so there's one positive contribution!!

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  8. I think perhaps it would a good idea to let go of the term debate in the title, it was clearly used loosely. I have seen no formal parameters set for a debate, so let's just accept that this is a general discussion!?


    Or call in the adjudicators to wrap this up.


    But hell, keep scoffing at it for all I care :-)



    I think the affirmatives have it!

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  9. I'd almost be willing to bet air exchange will solve it, 3mm is way too small IMO, try to drill all them out like 12mm ++ stuffed with polyfill, not too tight... I'm not sure of the consistency of tyvek filter disc, probs fine.

    Also try to get coir/verm going so you can rule out any poo issues, ie  horse poo is a pretty variable thing, if you get coir dialed you know any further probs are poo related

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  10. Could be heaps of things, but I don't think not wearing gloves is one of them.. 


    What temp is the sub when your buddy opens jars?? 5 hours seems very soon, and i imagine quite hot stiill?? Opening hot jars can suck in contams I've read. What is you pasteurisation temp???


    Are the Tupperware boxes in darkness? What temps? Any moving air?

    Is the mycelium active?

    If the myc isn't taking the substrate, I would guess either not enough fae, too wet, too dry, too composted or myc is stalled? 


    Also, what size are the holes drilled @ in the lid? Larger holes with poly fill might be better?


    Keep the thread updated, would love to see your pal succeed with the gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.





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  11. 58 minutes ago, Skellum said:

    not sure at all... im going to tackle them in the next few hrs, ill try and grab another upclose clear pic...


    dunno what the bastards are, some rare mite that got mailed straight to my doorstep... lol  :unsure:


    Hey man sorry if you think they came from me, but i sent those plants 2 months ago and ive never seen them on any of my plants..??? But hey who knows bro, maybe they did, if you have a problem pm me and we can discuss it that way.

    Could be thrips?? Either way couple drops of detergent in a spray bottle of water sorts most bugs out, dont stress, they are tough plants

  12. Sometimes when ive been tripping so hard that it seems obvious that my life is an illusion i think maybe humans have the power to collectively manifest, you know at one point in time the whole race thought the world to be flat, and it was, and then someone sailed around the world proving to the world it was round and it was then a sphere..... If people believe something, it is real. if enough people believe something it becomes a fact, but that doesnt mean any of it is actually happening-

    humans dont know fuckin jack shit, no matter how many scientists get behind it....


    I am happy believing anything and everything is possible :-)  and a round or flat earth would be totally dependent on which program is currently running.

    Bong on peeps!


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