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    Mineral/Medium resources

    Deep north :-) Thanks mate
  2. 2XB

    Show off your freaks

    Thanks @zed240 -A good dude just recently got me copies of the catalogues- I do plan on an order soon :-) cheers!
  3. 2XB

    Show off your freaks

    nice!! would love to get my hands on some chalaensis x tpm seed!! where did they come from?????
  4. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    I have been using catsan clumping litter for bentonite clay source- not the cheapest option but it is fine for the moment - no perfumes in this one- available at supermarkets etc... http://www.catsan.com.au/products/clumping-clay/
  5. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    cheers @karl_marx & @Halcyon Daze, terracotta pots sound great, i am a little turned off from the manual processing of them, but am keen to give it a shot, thanks for the input guys :-) @MountainGoat I have tried that for ausperl, they have ex gate prices but not as cheap as you mention... like 20$ a bag- where u getting chillagoe perlite?? In this order I grabbed a few things but am really happy with the red roc zeolite 2.2+ much nicer than the zeoclor and cheaper to boot! I bought a bag of 1-3mm and a bag of 2.2+ both for 18$ each for 15kg bags it is sold as 'red roc booster crystals'
  6. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    Got some supplies in.. Bit pink from grow tube... Pummice 4-7mm from ausperl via fernland. edit: sorry pummice 1-7 mm And red ROC zeolite 2.2+mm via fernland
  7. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    Where do I get my hands on terracotta ?? I'm not smashing my pots :-) @Halcyon Daze
  8. Got it all good bud :-) I wouldn't be too hard on Australia post... That was a pretty fuckin huge sack of seed they had to drag across the country!!!!! Thanks so much @zed240 what an incredible giveaway- honoured to grow them bud :-) @zed240
  9. 2XB


    I mean Spooge ;-)
  10. 2XB


    Thanks Olive, this happens sometimes for me too, but not always, infact rarely... - seems very buggy, the searching of messages seems pretty limited too
  11. Well done!! Very exciting there are some Eileen hybrids starting to happen- did anything pollenate MM's Eileen flowers?
  12. did you have anything to do with the bb scop x eileen creation Master @Master B??
  13. zelly it is a firefox setting, right click in the page somewhere and select 'view page info' then when that window opens select the 'permissions' tab - in that page you can find the setting for 'receive notifications' This is a per website setting- if you wish to disable it for every website you will find that in the software preferneces
  14. 2XB

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Anyone ever knocked one of the table legs out??? I'd manage to do it sooner or later ;-)
  15. 2XB

    Possible San Pedro?

    +1 for scop, great find!
  16. Grown from a seed batch I received from a GoOnThen giveaway in august 2013. These are nearly 2 years old, not huge but hard grown and healthy. 3 winners chosen will receive 10 seedlings... Winners will receive some of these... picked at random. Random number thing is easiest for me so post # will be your number. I will close entries at 1700 qld time next sunday 12th July. You are disqualified if you post a different number, in this case a redraw if a disqualified post number comes up.. Thanks to GoOnThen for his giveaway and to all you friendly Sab citizens :-)....... Have a fuckin rad week!
  17. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    I'm still not sure what I'm trying to achieve ;-) having fun anyway... I guess i am chasiing the exotic stuff because i am not doing huge quantities, im glad the other big root plants i grow arent that finicky :-) Thanks for The Scoria info mate. I recall reading something along the lines of rock dust were to be avoided, it is too fine, at the recommendation of whatever I was reading anyway.. But the perlite and verm should hold nutrients well enough..?? I'd love to hear that blue stone gravel was the go :-).. So I know this wasn't supposed to be another medium examination thread, but I thought this worthy enough to post... Same seed bag, same container, 2 different mediums... Day #5 This one has 1 sprout.. deco 20% Diatomite 20% Verm 20% Sand 10% Seed mix 10% This one is killing it!!!! 90% diatomite 9% coir 1% gypsum (powdered)
  18. 2XB

    Grafting stock giveaway

    cool! All the best everyone :-)
  19. great idea man!!!, putting it straight in my kit bag :-)
  20. 2XB

    The Khat's out of the bag.

    and dangerous
  21. Amazing, so pleased to hear this @zed240, thankyou, what a great giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll send my details on now :-)
  22. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    GoddAMMit!! I was keen to use coir, oh well there are other things I can use it for :-) Astros are looking sik dudes!! Some pricing from Fernland, this is reg pricing, can do better on bigger quantities... from the rep- Diatomite products (2-7mm) 35 Litre Bag $23.10ea / (0.9-2 mm) or (7-15mm)20 Kg Bag $37.40ea Pumice products (1-4mm) or (1-7mm) 25 Litre Bag $34.10ea ZEOLITE products (1-3mm) or (2.2mm +) 15kg bag $19.80ea VERMICULITE products Fine or Medium, 100 L Bag $29.15ea Perlite products Fine, Medium or Coarse 100 L Bag $29.15ea / Super Coarse 100 L Bag $31.90ea / Jumbo 100 L Bag $39.60ea pretty competitive i guess
  23. 2XB

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    The pot alone is a steal at a 10er