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    Mineral/Medium resources

    I have been using catsan clumping litter for bentonite clay source- not the cheapest option but it is fine for the moment - no perfumes in this one- available at supermarkets etc... http://www.catsan.com.au/products/clumping-clay/
  2. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    cheers @karl_marx & @Halcyon Daze, terracotta pots sound great, i am a little turned off from the manual processing of them, but am keen to give it a shot, thanks for the input guys :-) @MountainGoat I have tried that for ausperl, they have ex gate prices but not as cheap as you mention... like 20$ a bag- where u getting chillagoe perlite?? In this order I grabbed a few things but am really happy with the red roc zeolite 2.2+ much nicer than the zeoclor and cheaper to boot! I bought a bag of 1-3mm and a bag of 2.2+ both for 18$ each for 15kg bags it is sold as 'red roc booster crystals'
  3. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    Got some supplies in.. Bit pink from grow tube... Pummice 4-7mm from ausperl via fernland. edit: sorry pummice 1-7 mm And red ROC zeolite 2.2+mm via fernland
  4. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    Where do I get my hands on terracotta ?? I'm not smashing my pots :-) @Halcyon Daze
  5. Got it all good bud :-) I wouldn't be too hard on Australia post... That was a pretty fuckin huge sack of seed they had to drag across the country!!!!! Thanks so much @zed240 what an incredible giveaway- honoured to grow them bud :-) @zed240
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    I mean Spooge ;-)
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    Thanks Olive, this happens sometimes for me too, but not always, infact rarely... - seems very buggy, the searching of messages seems pretty limited too
  8. Well done!! Very exciting there are some Eileen hybrids starting to happen- did anything pollenate MM's Eileen flowers?
  9. did you have anything to do with the bb scop x eileen creation Master @Master B??
  10. zelly it is a firefox setting, right click in the page somewhere and select 'view page info' then when that window opens select the 'permissions' tab - in that page you can find the setting for 'receive notifications' This is a per website setting- if you wish to disable it for every website you will find that in the software preferneces
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    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Anyone ever knocked one of the table legs out??? I'd manage to do it sooner or later ;-)
  12. 2XB

    Possible San Pedro?

    +1 for scop, great find!
  13. Grown from a seed batch I received from a GoOnThen giveaway in august 2013. These are nearly 2 years old, not huge but hard grown and healthy. 3 winners chosen will receive 10 seedlings... Winners will receive some of these... picked at random. Random number thing is easiest for me so post # will be your number. I will close entries at 1700 qld time next sunday 12th July. You are disqualified if you post a different number, in this case a redraw if a disqualified post number comes up.. Thanks to GoOnThen for his giveaway and to all you friendly Sab citizens :-)....... Have a fuckin rad week!
  14. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    I'm still not sure what I'm trying to achieve ;-) having fun anyway... I guess i am chasiing the exotic stuff because i am not doing huge quantities, im glad the other big root plants i grow arent that finicky :-) Thanks for The Scoria info mate. I recall reading something along the lines of rock dust were to be avoided, it is too fine, at the recommendation of whatever I was reading anyway.. But the perlite and verm should hold nutrients well enough..?? I'd love to hear that blue stone gravel was the go :-).. So I know this wasn't supposed to be another medium examination thread, but I thought this worthy enough to post... Same seed bag, same container, 2 different mediums... Day #5 This one has 1 sprout.. deco 20% Diatomite 20% Verm 20% Sand 10% Seed mix 10% This one is killing it!!!! 90% diatomite 9% coir 1% gypsum (powdered)
  15. 2XB

    Grafting stock giveaway

    cool! All the best everyone :-)
  16. great idea man!!!, putting it straight in my kit bag :-)
  17. 2XB

    The Khat's out of the bag.

    and dangerous
  18. Amazing, so pleased to hear this @zed240, thankyou, what a great giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll send my details on now :-)
  19. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    GoddAMMit!! I was keen to use coir, oh well there are other things I can use it for :-) Astros are looking sik dudes!! Some pricing from Fernland, this is reg pricing, can do better on bigger quantities... from the rep- Diatomite products (2-7mm) 35 Litre Bag $23.10ea / (0.9-2 mm) or (7-15mm)20 Kg Bag $37.40ea Pumice products (1-4mm) or (1-7mm) 25 Litre Bag $34.10ea ZEOLITE products (1-3mm) or (2.2mm +) 15kg bag $19.80ea VERMICULITE products Fine or Medium, 100 L Bag $29.15ea Perlite products Fine, Medium or Coarse 100 L Bag $29.15ea / Super Coarse 100 L Bag $31.90ea / Jumbo 100 L Bag $39.60ea pretty competitive i guess
  20. 2XB

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    The pot alone is a steal at a 10er
  21. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    I think I will try your mix with coir rather than the seed raising mix, can you see any problems with that BOS???? I have just got some good info back from ausperl... thaNKS nrivers :-) ausperl are wholesalers they sell to the public and some others that distribute around the country... for eg, they supply FERNland at the sunshine coast, which looks like a great shop FYI http://fernland.com.au/ They sell verm and perl in 100L bags various grades at around 22$ a bag, down to 19$ a bag if you buy a pallet which is 30 bags. (all horticultural so it is well seived and graded.) now the interesting part! they sell 25kg bags of horticultural grade pummice, imported from NZ Price per bag was around 25$, with a pallet of 40 25kg bags for around 500$ these are all ex gate prices..... They will ship a pallet up to brisbane, i'm looking at 700$.... but I think I can freight it up cheaper than 200$... They do bulker bags and ute loads etc, as well, but I made no enquiries there.... I am looking at fernland now to get some prices and if the mark up isnt too bad I'll buy from there........
  22. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    Thank you very much BOS, i'll give this seedlings mix a shot, i assume if not trichs you are are just going 4 equal parts of the others??? and are you sowing in this mix??? Thanks Nrivers, Im awaiting and email from ausperl re: vermiculite, perlite and pummice, I will post any relavent information when they get back to me :-) Thanks Hal, mate those bags of scoria Ive bought before, but its super exspensive this way, I cant find any landscape supplies that sell by the m3 in brissy...... As for terra cotta and crushed brick, I have no idea where to get these from, I am using expanded clay balls in place of these ingredients, but havent bothered smashing them up, But I agree it would be much better if i did. Where on earth do I buy charcoal from these days... we still mine shitloads but I havent seen any since i was a kid....... Hey D00d, are these bagged products you are talking about??? can u give a little more info please??? Cheers man, I imagine it would be nearly impossible to remove all the salt being its so porous.... I'm sure your feet were lovely with all that pummice lying around though :-) I'm still moving through my mixes but I am starting to get jack of washing deco.... need a better source of stone.... anyone used and reccommend bluestone gravel?????? it is usually available around the 7mm mark... I also found that garden city plastics do 100ltr verm and perlite bags in a few different grades @ around $30, they are handy for a few hort supplies.... I went out yesterday to check out the showroom- Thanks all for the input :-)
  23. auction says 50 Trichocereus Bridgesii X Peruvianus Fresh Seeds Echinopsis - AP001