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    Flying with fresh cutting

    shouldnt be a drama i reckon
  2. it isn't a requirement, rather an option- you can enter any valid email address to create an account
  3. 2XB

    Seedling/Plant Sale/Validus auction

    Lets not fuck around here!! $80 and dont get any ideas off the dood, id be taking the plant!! ;-)
  4. 2XB

    trump minus bannon

    Слава России
  5. Thanks all for the interest, I have $15 sized tucunaca left
  6. 2XB

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Love fresh seed!! M. hostillis @ 4 days (well 5 including.the over night soak) :-)
  7. THIS IS TAKEN FROM FACEBOOK PAGE, FYI THE NEXT TUESDAY = tomorrow 10/01/2017. Thought I'd post here for non facebookers interest Goodluck Greg!!! " Next Tuesday Greg Kašarik will be once more appearing in front of the Melbourne Magistrate's Court, as he attempts to put Victoria's drugs policies on trial. This is a special hearing to determine whether the matter of his charge for the possession of LSD for spiritual and religous purposes should be forwarded to the Supreme Court of Victoria, under sections 7 and 14 of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act (2006). You are invited to attend and in doing so to demonstrate your support for sensible drugs policy. All going well, the Magistrate will make the Supreme Court referral, but if not it is Greg's intention to be re-arrested for LSD possession at the earliest opportunity, because the first step in forcing change to our drugs policies has to be forcing the Government to acknowledge that their laws regarding LSD and other Transcendent Compounds are based on ignorance and bigotry, rather than the scientifically demonstrated facts of the reality based universe. http://kasarik.com/on-being-arrested-for-lsd/ "
  8. I was advised to use about 700ppm when I used it on loph seeds, it worked to get them to germinate when they wouldn't ordinarily, but they were all fucked up and didn't survive anyways..
  9. I suggest you try some in deep pots, they seem to throw a deep root and stand up a bit before sprouting from the too, I feel mine are too shallow, I think I will transplant a few to their own tall containers. I've got quite a few popping now- Look like a frill neck lizard!
  10. 2XB

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Have fun guys I won't be coming unfortunately
  11. After several attempts with different methods I found sitting the leaves in a glass of water is best for me.... Simply put leaves in a glass of water half filled in a warm spot out of direct light, misting every couple daya... after a few weeks roots are developed Enough to pot up and have no issues acclimatising etc... Just need to make sure the water doesn't evaporate.... Different strains seem.to root more readily than others
  12. 13/10/2016 ^^^^ almost 2 months since sowing and I have one sprout :-) - hoping this is the first of many to germinate :-) for a few weeks I had these guys on the floor getting ambient room light and moved to them to get filtered t9 for a month or so(light shade cloth on top of container) light on a 12/12 cycle, closed container & venting and misting every so often, like once a weekish..... quite warm when the lights are on... i originally misted a couple times with dilute peroxide (~1.5%), and have had no moulds or anything which I am happy with being that it is a closed hot humid container for ~2 mnths :-) Any others who've received this last lot have any luck yet??
  13. looks like you probably have zelly/misplant hybrids @sagiXsagi - as for your PS... I have thought maybe the birdgesii is mother, however who am I to question the growers label..? There can be crazy things happen with hybrids i think, check out this fields pachanoi x pasacana (interbeing seed) that berengar grew.... would you call this pachanoi??? or this one... nrivers grew this interbeing hybrid super pedro x huacsha... looks fucking sick!!! Thanks for your reply @Evil Genius, I appreciate the time! I have a lot more questions though.... ;-) Are all your colleagues growing t. scop/cordo hybrids etc or are you talking about Echinopsis hybrids?? I dont disagree with your comments about hybridising, but surely every genus in Cactaceae isnt the same case??? For eg in my eyes a heap of seed raised spachianus would look identical to me, but my eyes see alot of variation in bridgesii. Maybe very stable phenotypes exist where similar types cross pollinate, but when different species are mixed surely all sorts of dominant and recessive alleles combinations could give interesting results (and also clues about heredity?? like red haired maori people???).. I just think that these examples arent as small a percentage as you suggest.. I am certainly unsure about the photos that arent mine, but in my experience- i select a random seedling to graft, one that looks identical to the others, I cannot tell if the graft is unique or not untl the others grow up, but selecting at random and seeing variation makes me think less chance of it being a small percentage.... I am not talking flower morpholpogy here either I guess.... I just think that every case is unique and produces different results and with growers like zelly, interbeing, masterB producing hundreds and hundreds of fruits, we are starting to (and will continue) see some very interesting, strange and unexpected plants.... and I guess "in almost all the cases the F1 looks exactly like the mother plant" might be not be true in all cases- I do realise I am not experienced enough to weigh in on this discussion legitimately, I am just very interested in the topic and am trying to understand as much as I can.... it is very exciting and i like to hear myself talk :-)
  14. 2XB

    Show your tattoos!

    looks sick dude! nice choice
  15. I'm not trying to argue @Evil Genius but i've read you say this a few times with F1's looking identical to mother... Would you mind explaining a bit more because I have seen otherwise in my experience, not that I am very well travelled on the topic, but the scops i've seen crossed with bridgesii tend to take on some pollen donor characteristics, below is a photo zed240 posted of his SCOP x TIG (bridgesii) sourced from SAB, spines are looking amazing and i'd expect them to get bigger and here is a graft i did of seed from incognito, LANCE x FUNKOID I think there are many more examples, i.e. these are not isolated cases... what do you think????
  16. SAB has a SCOP x tig which I reckon looks like super Pedro a bit in my spot, but saw a piccy of toasts recently and it seems to get a nice long spine wonce fattened up... I think its just the SCOP dominance... (The Sab SCOP x tig is probably many plants though, not a single clone.) I would say that super Pedro is a typical SCOP x pachanoi, probably a vigorous seedling from a SCOP x pach fruit- I reckon there will be a lot of plants to look like this come through as thousands of people growing out SCOP x pachanoi seed. Some seed growns I have going have the s.p. vibe for sure
  17. 2XB

    Post a random CACTI picture thread

    Thanks for the reply, I havent let my nothinks get this big yet, looks great!
  18. 2XB

    Post a random CACTI picture thread

    This is beautiful @nrivers - is it Lesters Tacaquiriensis by any chance ????
  19. i can bring some out next week, or the week after mate :-) chat to you about it later, but will be about the same size as those tucunaca, if that will suffice
  20. ..get that hospital bed over there

  21. 2XB

    Melted wax cutting

    If you miss that auction I have these two melty ones available for trade @Matt1208, from two different plants.
  22. 2XB

    American election, what's your call

    Sooner or later he will realise they have boats down there
  23. 2XB

    American election, what's your call

    Holy shit thunder, that cracked me up! :-) . . . . yo @Halcyon Daze, what up brother with the Clinton love??? Make america great again is a slogan man, you cant judge a presidents performance on whether a slogan will be implemented can you?? The exciting thing for me is that the American people have NOT voted Clinton! That is the change, that is the shake up- the grand transformation has already begun :-) Trump is the catalyst, he may be a disaster, as with his predecessors, but try and see what this really means. The people are fed up! Looking straight through tainted media allegations of racism, sexsism blah blah blah, they have voted for trump!!! and... he's not gonna build a wall dude :-)
  24. @niggles I remember the sideways issue being resolved by actually adding the uploaded image to your post.. Ie, when you select the file to upload, and the transfer is complete u can hit the plus sign on the file thumbnail to add it to your post. It will insert the image into where you have the cursor, if you don't do this it will add it to the message sideways..... This was the solution prior to the upgrade though, I havent tested since...
  25. 2XB

    Big Cliff sale

    I'll take number one please