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  1. woodferret

    Sad Cathas spidermites still my problem???

    Thanks everyone. I'll look into the broadmite possibility as I don't actually see any mites (you said they are really small). These plants are against a hot dry wall and it is really dusty too! Maybe I'll move them for a bit to see if they bounce back. I really was hoping that someone would point out that this was some disease or nutrient issue so that I could work on a different issue besides mites, since I feel like they are getting the better of me. No other plants in my yard look afflicted like these. Thanks again!
  2. The big ones are two years old and the littles are less than a year. All of my new growth is coming out shrunken, dry, and brittle. In the past I have had mite problems with these results, but they have cleared with insecticidal soap/ neem oil spray. These plants have been getting treatments weekly and yet they still are ailing. Healthier looking leaves do sprout sometimes but they are misshapen and often speckled yellow. I'm out of ideas... Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  3. woodferret

    catha seedlings leaves curling up

    Wow, really? Thanks!
  4. woodferret

    catha seedlings leaves curling up

    These are about 1 month old, germinated indoors under lights. In a mix of soil/cactus mix / seed starter. I let them dry out completely before watering. Temp is 23-25c. I'm not sure why the tips are curling up with some slight yellowing... I appreciate your insight.
  5. woodferret

    is it fungus on this catha?

    Thanks all! I suspect that I watered too heavy and I'm sure they will turn around. Google search cant look at look at a picture for me and provide helpful insight. Funny that you assume that I haven't yet tried to find answers on my own...
  6. woodferret

    is it fungus on this catha?

    ...But now many of my other plants are showing a different sort of malady. The new growth is coming out speckled yellow and shriveled, though I haven't had any leaf drop. It's a little different from the above presentation due to the speckled leaves. I did spray them with the same anti mite, anti fungal as I used on the first plant in this thread, but the slightly different presentation has me confused/ concerned.
  7. woodferret

    is it fungus on this catha?

    PH, followed your advice and the plant is doing much better! Thanks!
  8. woodferret

    is it fungus on this catha?

    Yes! there are little webs. Looking closely I don't see any actual critters on the leaves. Maginfied I just see little light brown flakes. Wiped them off, sprayed them as you advised. Will report back with results. Thank you.
  9. woodferret

    is it fungus on this catha?

    This little Catha was over watered once, had some leaf drop and has since been well cared for but now the leaves are growing back wrinkled and very small. I'm guessing that this is fungus... Is there a course of treatment that I may implement to save this plant? Thanks!
  10. woodferret

    What is the best method to germinate Khat seeds?

    That's a great picture! Those plants look very happy. How old are they at that point? My seedlings have scrawny yellow/green/red leaves and spindly stems. Definately a light issue which I have made some adjustments for. Could I have some weak seeds perhaps? I admit that I am tinkering around with this in the off season and that may be contributing to my sad results. But I've managed to sprout kanna, tobacco, and even a kiwi berry sprout is comming up now... The cathas just aren't digging it. I may have to put this off for a few months.
  11. I have searched the web and found many answers, but this forum seems to have the most credible knowledge. I have tried germinating directly into soil that I mist regularly. I have used moist paper towels inside of a plastic bag or inside of a plastic box. I have soaked them in GA3 for 24 hours before trying the aforementioned methods. I have used a heat mat... Thusfar, my germnation rate is about 5 out of 40. I have never lost a seedling to dampening off, but most of the failed seeds become covered in black or grey mold. Is warmth advisable? How moist should the medium be kept? Once they sprout how much watering do they need? ( I know that they prefer less when they are older) I have been able to find many suggestions and tips to get me started but if someone has a solid method I'd really appreciate it. Thank you for your time!
  12. woodferret

    Too late for these light starved baby cathas?

    I see, so the inside/ outside shuffle is a bad idea? I now have 4 very brite flouros to grow them under so I think I'll try that out. Thanks!
  13. Hello all! These little catha babies had a rough start from seed under a single CFL. They are now getting put out in the full sun on my roof when its not raining. They wil spend cold rainy days under a larger group of cfl's than they had before. My question is, is it too late for the two that are really stretched out and leggy? Anyone have some tips or direction for this first timer? Thanks!