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  1. How does $40.00 sound like for the lopohora

  2. drumthumper001

    Sick Lophophora???

    I was given this one and two others about 6 months ago and the dude I got it off claimed that they were all two years old. I do not have too much experience with Lophophora so I kind of took his word for it. I'm also looking to sell this one if anyone is interested PM me or let me know. Either way I have more seeds and the two others. Cheers and thanks for the help and info.
  3. drumthumper001

    Sick Lophophora???

    Looks like I am goimg to need a magnifying glass. I have read around a bit and am still not too sure of the best way to cure this problem, the concensus is that spider mites hate water so is a spray bottle the way to go? Any advice? She is 2 and a half, looking forward to doing some grafts in the spring time, do you have any yourself GOT? Cheers
  4. drumthumper001

    Sick Lophophora???

    Hey guys I just needed some help with my Lophophora. I kind of thought that his skin condition was due to sunburn so decided to move him out of direct sunlight but to no avail, it seems to be getting worse with a lot of dry patchiness. He has been getting the correct amount of water I believe. Could someone give me a hand?? Cheers in advance.
  5. drumthumper001

    Is This A Genuine San Pedro???

    Thanks for youe help guys, I appreciate it. As for the lack of manners Evil Genius I apologise if I came off a little rude, no intention of that was meant. Thanks again
  6. I was just wondering if this was a San Pedro? If not can I get a positive ID??