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  1. Hey there good folks, haven’t been on for a while but in that time I have amassed a huge range of sanpedro. Get in contact via email @ [email protected] Peace my friends!! LW
  2. liquidwolf

    Wanted to Buy Trichocereus Cuttings

    I love it when you're blessed with a flowering pachanoi, it's so rare and not all of them bloom. A really random and strange thing as there is no way to know if or when they'll bloom - it's really cool! 😃😃😜😃😃
  3. liquidwolf

    Wanted to Buy Trichocereus Cuttings

    Have pachanoi, All sized cuttings, Can send pics to an email, Pm me.
  4. Firstly thanks for the warm welcome, I was on the forum with the same user name quite a few years back before it all changed/crashed so great to be back with a bunch of like minded positive folk!! Well it would be nice to have an over abundance of MC's, here in melbourne there are a few known areas that many european people raid every year (and hardly ever cut at the stem to harvest thus lowering yeilds over the years) Zen you just made me hungry.....MC risotto YUM!! i've found that singular pines or smaller rows in my area don't tend to fruit milky caps, where as larger denser groups do. Might be something to do with what marcel said about there being a catalyst to get the mycelium going in the first place. I have found large patches amongst reeds that have no pines for a fair way from them, this is a reed patch surrounded by pines though in a 360 and the needles are blown amongst the reed patch. Here in melbourne at the prahran market there is a guy that sells specialty shrooms and charges a FORTUNE for MC's as they can't be farmed. But thats half the fun i suppose, getting out there and picking in the forests - i love it Thanks for the info guys Great to be back!
  5. Hi guys i'm wondering if there is any way to cultivate milky caps / Lactarius delicios at home??? From the research and trials i've done it seems like a challenge if not impossible. They are a fantastic edible mushroom and it sucks only having access to them during the on season, plus the competition amongst pickers around my local haunts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! I've tried to gather pine needles and soil from some pine forests known for good seasonal yealds, put in a large plastic pot and then innoculate with spore prints and syringes as well as mycellium gathered from the area. I kept it moist and tried to get the seasonal temp right and give the lot plenty of sunshine. Tried both indoor and out. The results are pretty much this post. Iove these shrooms they are so good i can never get enough! Regards LW.