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  1. Are you sure? They look structurally different.
  2. Oh...*facepalms* that would make sense. Would appreciate further confirmation on this by any onlookers.
  3. Polanish

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    I went out today, lots of pinning and small ones. I actually left most of them, and decided to find more mature ones instead. Still too small.. That's my field at least. Here's the biggest one I found: I've only ever found Cyanescens! A friend I was with picked a Cubensis once.
  4. Polanish

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    I've been telling myself every summer to go picking again, since 2011! Got up at 530 to get to the field I used to go to, only found 1 Copelandia Cyanescens. Northern West inside the Sunny Coast. Found him under the edge of some trees, I noticed they seem to all grow around that darkish area, afternoon sun only. I'll go again after it's actually rained. Was testing my luck
  5. I still listen to this music every day Perferably chiptune + breakcore now though, chipbreak! :D I have a reddit.com subrredit here: http://www.reddit.com/r/chipbreak
  6. Polanish

    Poppy processor fire

    "Breathe as much of the smoke as you can!" I don't like opiates, but what does this mean? It seems that the fire didn't really destroy anything? Except poppy mulch?
  7. Polanish

    MXE - Legal Status?

    Believe me, it's illegal. HIGHLY unlikely you'd ever get anything for it though, max you'd get it probably love letter if you're unlucky. And from what Torsten's told me, and what I've learnt from Australian Drug Discussion over at bluelight.ru forums, analouge laws are very vague and cover everything. But honestly, I highly doubt if you have a personal amount, that you'd get anything. Even being caught on import you'd be fine. But then again, seems to be a lot of people here who'd rather not take the risk, which is way too sensible!
  8. Polanish

    Nimbin Mardi Grass Meet 2012

    Got a few friends going down again, costs way too much for me right now. I hope you guys enjoy yourselves:)
  9. Some of my friends don't really like my drug use, but they're my best friends and they still accept me for who I am. I love 'em
  10. Polanish

    What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen?

    I haven't experienced too much weird things. (I'm young.. and stayed inside 95% of my childhood because my mum was a paranoid freak.) I remember this one time when I felt this feeling, that was stronger than usual, that I MUST slam the breaks. I just must, and I usually ignored this sense (I'm learning to trust it more, it knows more than I do...) but this time.. in the last few moment I said, "fuck it." Slammed my breaks on, and this speeding car came out RIGHT infront of me, and I was just... gobsmacked. After that, I started to listen to this feeling more and more. Not sure what it is, but it's fucking good! I'm a very logical person, so it was weird dipping my feet into an area so unknown, filled with uncontrollable feelings. But I don't mind it, I'm developing as a person slowly
  11. Polanish

    ID Please! Very hard one!

    Oh it's hard, alright.
  12. Polanish

    ID mushroom :)

    Definitely not going to give up, I'm actually very grateful that I went through that experience first, it makes me know what these are capable of. It also helped me get motivated to do the work I'd been putting off, and generally made me feel stronger for a while. It was well worth the difficult experience, I wouldn't even call it bad now that it's over. Very worthwhile. I find I'm already keen on my next trip, I just feel so "That's enough for quite a long time" after it. Anyways, I think the SE QLD season is ending or something, I'm not sure.
  13. Polanish

    do you think education should be free?

    I'm really brain dead at the moment, so without justification: Yes. I didn't think about it very much though.
  14. Polanish

    ID mushroom :)

    It was good in the sense that I've learnt what I need to fix. And I just did the washing, about to do my assignments and clean the whole house. I would've been a lazy slouch if it weren't for the mushroom, so in the end it works out good. I put the mushrooms back into nature as I know I wont need them for quite a while. I feel disassociated today, riding the bus I was very deep in thought and I just feel different. I'm not sure, an interesting step in life though. I can already tell that if the next time comes it's going to be great.