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  1. Stillman

    Cacti ID Please

    Sorry about the dodgy photos.
  2. Stillman

    Tagetes lucida

    After reading some more Tagete lucida most beneficial use may be with nausea and as a calmative during peyote/ san pedro ceremonies?
  3. Stillman

    Tagetes lucida

    From what I have read the drying process can destroy alot of the potency so the key I think is subtle quick drying, I think a strong tea of this in conjuncture with smoking this and maybe a blend of Tagetes minutus? spelling ( stinking roger plant).
  4. Stillman

    mY cacti collection

    This is also true Philocacti I love coco canna best and simplest hydroponic system. Whether it can be adapted to cacti is yet to be seen.
  5. Stillman

    mY cacti collection

    I currently don't have a big collection and alot of what I keep is cacti that I have found that I think is pleasing to the eye, but I do have a couple interesting E pachanoi hybrids that I look forward to growing out. Gymnocalycium denudatum Some sort of Echinopsis hybrid Labeled as lobivia Unknown Unknown Unknown and my two recently received Echinopsis pachanoi
  6. Stillman

    mY cacti collection

    yep your right the two top pics are complete canna coco media Its an experiment They are roughly 6 cm deep in media which in the hot house takes around 4 days to dry out completely. I think in summer I might see some beneficial growth and in winter I will keep it completely dry. I'm not saying I'm going to see great results but I am a massive canna cocco fan and I was curious as to how it will work. I also have 1 E pachanoi in cocco and one in traditional mix both running quarter strength nutes over summer to see how it fly's. I read somewhere that it has been done in controlled environments, because it is an opened door mini hothouse inside a greenhouse the heat should be there to pull it off and it will not get any extra unwanted water/ moisture. If I can get great growth than it will be justified I think.
  7. Stillman

    mY cacti collection

    Mammillaria Bombycina. cool it is an amazing looking cacti, Went and bought a few more today, they are truely Alien looking plants.
  8. Stillman

    mY cacti collection

    The Gymnos are cool it produces a heap of pups they do really well in my climate if you keep them out of full sun.
  9. Stillman

    mY cacti collection

    I grow a bit of everything a lot of mexican herbs and culinary plants. Chillis, tomatillos, epazote. My brother in law and I are starting a fair collection or more interesting stuff you guys might be interested in.