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Tried out my latest successful Kanna type thing. Equal portions of Sceletium tortuosum (mostly stemmy material), D cooperi (probably) and Aptenia cordifolia (leaves, stems and roots) were fermented in plastic bag in a warm place for about 7 days. After drying in the sun for some time, the process was finished by a quick roast in the oven at 150 C to ensure dryness & to get rid of any remaining oxalates.

Inhaled a lot of the dust that came off when powdering/crushing. Ate a bit of stem (pleaseant nutty/toasty taste). Very strong buzz, much stronger than any sceletium only kanna I made previously. No heavyness in the limbs, quite a pronounced adrenalin like feeling. Pulse didn't rush, but I felt the air was really getting into my lungs.

This is of course not very conclusive by itself as my scelly is very stressed and this could explain the result. I will make preps of each individually over the next few weeks to see what comes out on top.

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