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I need a CACTUS!!! (Succulents included!!!)

Hey yáll, Ive been a cactus/ succulent fanatic for years, and cannot ever truly stop learning more and obtaining more of them. I want to establish some sort of trade with people, because I have just cleared out many of my "leftover" offsets of plants which have been cluttering up my area, I have quite a few plants to trade in exchange, though some may be too common and though it may not look like much, it continues to grow every week and may include many dozens more after the growing season plants I offer; -kalanchoe "mother plant" cuttings and rooted, two-five types -crested epiphyte (since died) -yellow opuntia microdasys monstrosa (spiraly type) -crassula oblongata -echinopsis oxygona (small) -crassula lycopoides (thin form and monstrose form) -rhipsalis baccifera -faucaria tigrina -some kleinia cactus-looking succulent -opuntia monacantha monstrosa normal and joseph''s coat -opuntia subulata monstrosa -Wild Arizona golden jumping cactus (from aunts backyard) -silver unknown (dangerous) jumping cactus -opunia compresa& -interesting Brasiliopuntia varieties -various echeverias,aeoniums, as well as the usual "succulents" (desert rose, aloe vera, crassula ovata+monstrosa variety) -a few euphorbias, medusa and corn-cob type, very beautiful.. and maybe a few more.California Natives like dudleyas and such. future; many dozens of imaginable prickly pear varieties for consumption, and for beauty. So far I only have small, undivisible cuttings not ready for trade. I wish to grow all my mother plants to make divisible for trading and plain sharing purposes. In addition to plants, I may provide tips and plant Identification Plants I'm looking for; -pereskia aculeata or grandiflora(or both) -possibly pereskiopsis as mine is not doing too well -quiabentia verticulata or other varieties -crested cacti, and succulents, agaves or aloes of any kind (a fuzzy echeveria would be best) -I like monstrose plants as well, but especially into spirally mutations -Will appreciate variegations as well -mirtillocactus var fukurokuryuzinboku, or breast myrtillocactus -eulychnea castanea varispiralis -penis plant lophocereus schotti monstrosa/inermis -astrophytum (any) -tephrocactus geometrizans (the snowman looking one) -turbinicarpus (any) -leichtenbergia principus -aztekium ritterii -digitostigma -macherocereus gummosus -fouqieria idria columnaris -euphorbia obesa -any exceptionally cool Australian succulents like the ones shown or others from the beach, desert etc) also looking for grafting tips as I have not managed one successful opuntia subulata monstrose graft, and have tried several scions. Thanks, and I hope you may find something you are looking for:)



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