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The Corroboree

Wanted Catha edulis seeds.

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Hi ladies and gentlemen. Following my relationship break up my former other half threw out my seed collection. What hurt me was I had different strains of catha edulis seeds. 

I Know I may never be able to get any of these strains in seeds again or if I can it will just be difficult.

I had red, green, narrow, and only approx 4 planthelper f2. 

My long term plan was to try and make some interesting crosses with these seeds that I had painstakingly cleaned under a magnifying glass and stored them in labeled ziplock plastic baggies in  a refrigerator. I was cleaning an area to work on getting the crossbreds when my relationship broke down and I became homeless sleeping on friends sofas or in my car

I have managed to get a small place of my own again with a small balcony so I try and my crossbred experiment going again and I hope to have some new strains to distribute here in sab.

I need help with obtaining different strains of catha edulis . If anyone can help me then please DM me. 


Much appreciated




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