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Some interesting tricho hybrids

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All these were sent to me from a dude I met here, as a gift, most as small year-old seedlings in two separate occasions.. I am not sure were the seeds were coming from, possibly zelly/misplant.  I grew them rather reluctantly because tbh I have long got bored with growing trichos,  but eventually I got to tranplating them and papering them a bit, and got to the stage were I cut the now fatter tip and re-rooted, so these are that cuttings. Now this is the interesting phase! 


1.starting from the older. this is scop x bridgesii and I think it sort of looks a bit like a PC. I have another that is more 'scop' shaped. 




2. grandiflorus x scop. this is grafted on a small bridgesii stock. note the small variegata patch at the bottom




3.  ss020 x scop .. the pattern Glaukus described appers to be true for my samples, I read his comments and then noticed that indeed, scop seems to play a dominant role either as a mother or as a father.. 




4. scop x lumberjack.. this is of particular interest to me  (as I understand lumberjack is an american bridgesii with periods of semi-monstrosa growth/ rib play)  as the hybrid seems to be bluer than scop but also seemingly prone to rib play




Does anyone have similar crosses with scop to show? 

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the scop x grandiflorus flowered red!  I think I wrote this in reverse the previous time. 


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