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The Corroboree

Guidance from FNQ.....please

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In search of info/ guidance on shrooms and medicinal spiritual plants up here in tropical far North Queensland, where to look what to grow and nurture....


thanks in advance for your help :)



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Leafy vines and psychotrias grow very well. Most peruvianus cactus grow great as most trichs.

Shrooms be shrooms, they grow anywhere.

I've got an array of acacias that absolutely thrive here as well, grow happily 2-3 meters a year.

Tropane containing plants and trees and other beautiful poisons grow well too.

Depends what you are looking for... what you want to do.

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Northerner I’ve just moved out to Gordonvale I’ve got a couple of acres of scrub and bush and am trying to learn about the plants I have growing wild.....i am over drs and their bullshit meds ....I have been self treating for 5 years and am now looking at other plants that may be of benefit to me for both physical and mental health....so I’m totally naive when it comes to species of plants growing up here...so hoping that I can learn through others ...thanks for your reply

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