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The Corroboree

Life would succ without you.... free seeds

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Inspired by something my sister gave to me to give to my mum...

Yep, it would succ without you, friends, family, caring kind people and supportive people I've met through SAB. So I've been sowing succulent seeds and got some free spares

- Delosperma bosseranum x 2 significant quantities
- Mesembryanthemum crystallinum (50 seeds) x 2


I've checked viability for both and they've germinated fine on the heat mat for me

If you want a pack of each sent to sow, the first two people to tell me what their life would succ without in this thread get free seeds


Sow with intent to manifest a kinder, more loving world

Soon I'll hopefully have "life would succ without you starter packs of plants" to give to people of succulents I've known and loved :)

In case no one has said it to you today and you're feeling down:

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My life would succ without having a garden full of plants that I get to see grow and thrive right before my eyes, to remind me how special and different all life is! especially seeing as I got most of them from members of this forum

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my life would be meaningless and boring with out them they are my life and without their lives i lose my family

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Complimentary plant material - PM me. Not intended for therapeutic use or otherwise consumption - if anyone has TLC plates or anything, love to see something like that

M. crystallinum (lots) or D. bosseranum (less) aerial parts, dried not fermented.



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