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I greet you in the Love and Light.


I just wanted to share an idea I had regarding a Vanilla Trellis.


Recently I was lucky enough to be gifted a Vanilla planifolia and needed to come up with something clever so I could successfully grow it in the shade, under my pergola, up-cycling only what I had laying around.


I re-used some discarded gutter guard, stuffed it with moist Sphagnum Moss and attached it to one of the timber posts using cable fasteners. I then secured the vine using trellis pegs.


I'm really happy with the results and it looks really neat and tidy. I have no doubt the vanilla plant will extend its aerial roots into the moist Sphagnum Moss and grow like mad.


I'm also experimenting with a cylindrical variation to cover up an ugly downpipe and will post the results soon.


Below are a few pictures.


Love & Light









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Nice one. You’ve just got to make sure you can reach the flowers to handpollinate. They are self fertile, but don’t naturally fertilise without assistance... 

Im keen to see the grow!

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On 12/11/2018 at 11:50 AM, TheMooseZeus said:

Yes! I would love to start growing vanilla!

Keep it up :) 

If you cover postage I’ll send you down some vine...

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