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Unsightly grafts done today another short picture tutorial

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TPM x Trichocereus peruvianus Sharxx Blue Grafting Tutorial. Grafts done today! 

5a9ddf49ba099_Graft1TPMxSharx3567.thumb.jpg.e4bab6d9c2b710a638b6aadff64c40c5.jpg First, we wrap this guy with parafilm. Next, we slice into our stock5a9ddf8136388_Graft2TPMxSharx71.thumb.jpg.a87f84ace70f219f499ba2c08a32cd4d.jpg. We then stretch out another inch i.e. 2.54 cm piece of parafilm to make it thin5a9ddf846d1ad_Graft3TPMxSharx.thumb.jpg.1c83bda6c07aa2883f782e98fcefb0a1.jpg.  We then drape5a9ddf8724f81_Graft4TPMxSharx.thumb.jpg.36c55b1b8c8e51e9aecd67a2f4d37dea.jpg this over our seedling/scion that has already had its bottom cut off with a nice sharp razor. After draping we gently bring down all sides of the parafilm to ensure that a secure covering is present on all sides while taking care not to tip our seedling so that the complete cut bottom portion of the scion remains in contact with the stock. The purpose of this parafilm is not just to hold the scion in place. The parafilm provides an area that will not dry out and does not require humidity which speeds the healing process. Additionally, the parafilm will pop off of its own accord after the seedling has grown sufficiently. Although, you may be tempted to pick at it like a scab on an old sore... you need not remove the parafilm at any stage. Parafilm can be used for larger grafts as well to help prevent drying out and speed up the healing process.

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