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Newbie Ephedra Id help :)



Greetings all :)


I am new here but very grateful to be apart of this wonderful and awakened community and hope to contribute and continue to grow with it as it has helped me to learn and grow prior to becoming a member :D


Thought it best to introduce myself before asking any questions.

I am a keen trich enthusiast, Lophs, Fungi, Natural medicines and medicinal herbs,

I support the EGA,
I am fascinated with spiritual and metaphysical exploration,
A student and acolyte to the sacred plants, fungi and spirits,
I am deeply enveloped within my sacred garden and my sacred works,
which include deeper and more extensive works with trichs, Acacia, Fungi, Herbal medicinal teas and tinctures and much more...


Id love to hear from anyone that's interested in similar fields and exchange knowledge, as I believe it is meant to be shared to all who truthfully seek it :) 


I was motivated to start posting with the hope of identifying an ephedra that dwells within my garden I acquired from a member here and they were unsure of it as was the person they had aquired it from, it was sold on the pretence of possibly being E.sinica,


I may have to wait a while longer while it matures but any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Cheers.


Ps, im not sure If the image uploaded very well I may need to upload it again, apologies for my poor internet connection.



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hello seeker! 


your ephedra , would be rather dificult to ID, flowers always help. have you ever let it grow green? 


there are other ways to assume an ID, though, and if your ephedra is slow growing, it might as  well be indeed sinica..  the source of the plant might help, not many people grow ephedras for just their kicks. well especially a slow grower like sinica


Could I ask, what's the size of the pot - depth i mean? How many years do you own it if you dont mind me asking? 


I am currently doing my own strange little research on how these plants operate, mostly focusing on trying growing them... 



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Hi Sagi,


I agree, I thought it best to patiently await a bloom and go from there....


What do you mean by grow green? Grow it in the shade and let it green up a bit?


The pot is about 20-25cm in depth only a small pot....


The source is of no help as it seems its been traded from one person to the next with no awareness of its origins until its ended up in my garden haha, woo :)


I have had it for over a year now almost 2 years id say...during that time its only grown about an inch give or take, mostly just thickened with new growth.....

I have been giving it nutes intravenously when I feed my trichs with aloe vera juice, some trace elements and a weak npk solution....it seems happy anyways.. just remains a mystery haha....


I have some sinica seeds I attempted to germinate for comparison but I think they were too old as they turned to mush....


Thankyou for your reply :)

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oh  I see, I thought it was being pruned.  Maybe consider repotting to a large and very deep container. Roots like to go deep. Good luck! 

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