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Oriveda mushroom extracts for sale.

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Ive got the following extracts for sale they are made by oriveda- please read their product descriptions and do your own research before buying.

I ordered these to help my gf with her cancer, she died before they came and as they cost a pretty penny Im looking to sell them.

They are all unopened and just arrived.

Turkey tail PSP-50 180 caps $90


Reishi extract 120 caps $80


Agaricus blazei extract 180 caps $70


They are all b-glucan extracts though the reishi extract contains some triterpenes as well. PSP has been clinically trialled in a number of countries and I encourage you to do your own research around these extracts. Oriveda will provide certificates of analysis upon request.

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Edit again- if you or a family member have cancer and want to try these then send me your addy and which packet youd like and Ill send them out for free. Just want them gone to good homes.

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