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Francois le Danque

Cannabis use/psychotic episode ("unusual experience") Survey

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HI all

so i am doing this survey about cannabis use and their hilariously termed "Odd or Unusual Psychotic-Like Experiences" lol. Some of the questions are really funny. Like in a true or false

Smoking cannabis through a home made bong made from a plastic bottle, hose and aluminium foil, is the safest way to consume cannabis

It's definitely the most fully sick :bong:

Also you go in draw to WIN DA IPAD!1

link: https://qualtricsasia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_6fXTjVKufoMHUoJ

but like don't do it, i want to win, better odds. :wink:

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Update: this survey is pretty boring so far and i can't really see what they're getting at. I also imagine it would be very hard to get through without cannabis.

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