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WTB Bridgesii

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I am a new "ethnobotanist" looking forward to growing and improving my cactus garden. I am off to work next week and am spending my time in the veggie garden and researching plants to grow in my ethno-garden. I am launching a cider company in the Adelaide hills next week and only time and the desire to plant my magic garden until then.

I have been looking for some cactus to buy. Not looking for any particular clones at this stage. Just want some bridgesii that I can practice caring for keeping alive over winter.

So, I am looking for:

6 X 30cm tip or mid of any Bridgesii clone or unnamed. (will take s more or less than this)
Will pay reasonable price and postage to Adelaide.

Can sweeten the deal with some rare acacia seeds or a case of Adelaide's next premium Cider if you live locally!

Greatly appreciate any help. Cheers.

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