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Hey fractal I,ve been trying to contact you for a while now with no results.I,d organised a trade last year that got screwed up because I had to move house and get another computer.I still have what I was going to trade with you,but if you are not interested I,ll use them to trade with someone else.

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Hi Andrew,

Ummm... I've had a look through my email inbox and i can't find anything from you. Have you been using:

[email protected]


If not, that's why. Otherwise I don't know why i wouldn't get your emails because I've been getting heaps of crap from acid music promotions and STA travel etc. You might need to refresh my memory what is going on because it has been so long and i don't have my records with me. I think you're the catha man aren't you. What did you want to trade again? We are gradually getting settled in (moved state).

Cheers man,


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