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Plants for trade or sell

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I have

3 Veneuzalan nicotiana rustica seedlings in one pot

2 calea plant. 1 is normal and the other got the central growth tip removed and is bushy

1 large rooted peganum. It was taking over the garden (1m across and 30-40cm high) so I cut all the foliage from it. It has resprouted after the rain and is getting bigger by the day.

1 peganum root. I pulled one out and it is dry

Some twisted datura metel roots.

I want a bag of the Khan sao poppy seed for one pot of plants. But you have to pay postage for plants, which should be about $9.

email me to organise trades

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Guest reville

I would like to try with Calea again.

I had one but it died. My garden is much kinder now with respect to soil structure and microclimates.Can you hold one for me?

Glad to see the venezuelan tobacco ius going well - i loved that smoke.Dont forget to send back some seeds to the AFSR smile.gif

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No worries Reville. That venezualan seed is great. I put the tiniest pinch in a pot and about 50 came up. How much seed can be expected from one plant and should I let the plants that will be smoked flower as to reduce the nicotine a bit, I heard rusticas have 15-20x nicotine content compared to tobacum?

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