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Tasmanian cubes?

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I personally am of the opinion that its spin, and someone is just using it as a very successful marketing name. People love the exotic!

I wouldnt have thought Tasmania would have the right climate, but having said that there are parts of Tas that given just the right circumstances it might happen. They certainly wouldn't have been native, but perhaps someone here let some spores go, and had some mild success and did in fact develop a strain that could survive a Tassie summer.

do a search on this site, and the shroomery, as there are a couple of posts about it.

Cheers, Obtuse.

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This strain first appeared on the Hawkseye, sporeworks and Bio's now defunct spore vendor site.

I believe it was collected by BIO himself (used to be THE man for mushroom cultivation in the early 90s but disappeared from the whole scene) who claimed he found it in Tasmania while travelling there over from Europe and also collected Ps.semilanceata in the Tassie highlands. He is also responsible for the original 'Australian cubie' before we all started sending out fruiting wild prints of probably better quality.

There is ofcourse no way that cubensis would fruit well if at all in Tasmania - climate is all wrong. No doubt he collected this somewhere else or perhaps in Australia or who knows.

That being said, I know from personal experience that on millet it fruits more than just about every other strain tried (and in the day there were many tried) and was as potent as all hell - probably the second most potent cubie tried. Could have just been a good spore match as it was not isolated on agar, but Id tend to suggest that if you buy into differences in strains (and by the way from experience I would guarantee that there are) its a real goer!

Argentineans were by far the best though - If someone asked me which strains to try Id always recommend the argentineans first (shoirt, meaty black stainers), sporework's tasmanian if they still have it, or the mexican palenque for its beauty.

Some strains are quite poor genetically - look at the mutations in PF classics and Treasure Coast varieties and youll see what I mean.


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