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Australian Safrole Containing Plants - the new faq

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Sorry to rain on your parade Dug1up, but Joe Friend - author of the material you have quoted, is a looooose unit (and this is being kind to the guy). I suspected you had been reading his crap...

The majority of the material on his website is completely unsubstantiated drivel...

For instance.. check out this quote:

Resistance - why do people protect Camphor laurels?


For many years it has been known in NSW Northern Rivers that persons growing marijuana prefer to keep "at the long arm of the law", in remote localities and/or with dispersed growing locations.

The hilly, sometimes steep country of parts of Byron Shire have been often 'preferred habitat' for growers and dealers, with ready access to an alternative, recreational locale and towns where any crop might be sold.

Tricks with Camphor Laurel Trees

1. Large 'Paddock Camphors' of the climbable kind have had rope-rigs set up high in the tallest, central branches, with buckets raised by pulley, containing pots of plants in enough water/hydroponic mix for a day or more.

2. Tunnel Tents in polythene/shadehouse covering, set under a broad spreading old Camphor laurel can effectively 'double hide' a young crop from spying helicopters, since the light wavelength emitted by marijuana is concealed.

3. 'Dirty Farms' - with many Camphors, Privets and weeds - are easy to go and hide in when the helicopters pass by; the more Camphors you have to go under, the less likely you get spotted from the air. Also, 'helicopter police' do not like crawling into/under Lantana/Camphor undergrowth, and it is well known that most Lantana grows better under/with Camphor laurel trees.

4. It is alleged that the light emitted wavelength arising from Camphor, when detected from the air, is very close to that of marijuana.

5. SAFROLE and CAMPHOR OILS; BASE MANUFACTURING COMPOUNDS! The more toxic types of Camphor laurel contain Safrole in the bark-cambium (in Australia). To be able to distil both Safrole and Camphor oils from all the bark represents a 'double whammy' for druggies who have some distillation/manufacturing skills. After all, only a simple kitchen area is needed and the 'recipe' is not complex; well-read drug enthusiasts can find the Chemistry formulas and instructions in certain key Chemistry textbooks.

Recreational drugs such as and including ECSTASY were first made from Camphor oil by young chemists in Germany in the late 1980s. As yet, it is not known how many young people may have died from ecstasy tablets made from Camphor laurel oil. Whilst other surrounding Shires are also involved, Trickiness' is considered most prevalent in Byron Shire, especially since Green Party Councillors of Byron Shire favour the 'recreational use' of certain drugs - as is Green Party Policy.

:bootyshake: :bootyshake: :bootyshake:


:puke: :puke: :puke:

:uzi: :uzi: :uzi:

:wave-finger: :wave-finger: :wave-finger:

Utter crap in so many ways..

He works for ^^0ns&to

They fund the anti camphor movement directly.

If you look at his resume on his website you will see that

he worked as an agronomist years ago.

An agronomist is basically a sales rep for the fert and ag chem biz.

His resume has some big holes in it a bit closer to the establishment

of the anti camphor organisation.

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Very nice thread... though if any thread on this forum was going to gain attention (of the unwanted variety) it would probably be this one hehe.

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^^Lol just whack on a fluro labourer shirt, head to a counsel owned overgrown reserves, pretend you're there meant to be doing bush regen on the site, and do something good for the environment hehe. Those fuckers are a plague on our bushland.

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Piper hispidinervum is fast growing

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Those near isomeric essential oils ain't that easy to separate folk - watch out when they say they needed chromatography to do it - though!.

It one thing to do it in a test tube, in trace amounts and write a scholarly paper - quite another to "scale" it up.

BTW - sarsaparilla Smilax - I use seven species - has no, little, flavour. We add it to root beer for the foam and mouth feel.

Sassafras is the only flavour we know as sarsaparilla - the name root beer only caught on at my place.

(I make one using Acorus calamus, sars, ginseng, angelica, ague, sass, star anise, liquorice, other herbs and spice, that is worth the name :- 'Pat Uri's 7 Roots Beer'!)


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