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    I have no fears or concerns for humanity anymore as enough people have woken up enough to realise a seed can grow a tree. In 50-100 years the Earth will be a garden all over (except for the cities)
  2. Leaves

    Seasol question...

    Powder or crush egg shells for Calcium
  3. Leaves

    Staying off the radar

    Before I joined this forum I had no idea of any law changes, how do they expect people to follow new laws when they don't mail us the information about the new laws? I don't read newspapers or watch news of any sort so shouldn't the Government have to mail out the details of new laws?
  4. Serious? MDMA has a shocking come down, I don't think it is even worth it at all & people on it are very annoying, blabbering away with utter nonsense, unsafe sex with people they just met etc.
  5. Just get Jetclean. download for free, install, then click run/repair, all done. www,majorgeeks.com has everything you need.
  6. Leaves

    Wanted Melaleuca alternifolia seeds

    I will take some photo's today, but they will be hard to ID I think because many of the paper barks aren't grow in nurseries & there is tons of them. A broader leaf one is Melaleuca quinquenervia (common native & serious weed in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Texas), the lemon smelling ones must be a local native also because I have noticed them in many other gardens around so I think the local council nursery should have them. Yeah so I am not sure it is a good idea to send a potential/established noxious weed overseas.
  7. Leaves

    Kratom in Thailand

    I thought the laws in thailand had already changed and stated something along the lines of 'kratom users must not be discriminated against' then goes on to explain it was made illegal because it was seen as a threat to the Thailand governments opium trade back in the 1940's. Kratom is a big threat to the bullshit mental illness drugs & pain drugs the west tries to push
  8. Leaves

    Wollemi pine growing

    Majestic tree this but I am pretty sure the only use for resin was as a glue. Have you had a smell of the resin? Seeds should be edible though.
  9. Leaves

    legal poppies new now with tek!

    Does doing this extract on the mexican poppy eliminate the nausea felt from the tea I have made? Mexican poppy makes me feel too sick to be worth it for me, it would be good if this stopped that problem.
  10. I can't see how legally prescribed drugs could be any healthier to have in the water supply. Surely there is much more contamination from pharmacy bought drugs. It's bullshit for sure.
  11. Leaves

    Wanted Melaleuca alternifolia seeds

    The flowers are like bottle brush flowers but white on the bushes i have. I did a quick look at Leptospermum flowers & they look very different. So I am pretty sure they are Melaleuca. The flowers are just finishing on 2 of them so I will try and get the seeds.
  12. Leaves

    Wanted Melaleuca alternifolia seeds

    I have 4 different narrow leaf tea trees growing in my yard, 2 of them look close to the pictures I can see on the net of Melaleuca alternifolia. 2 of the tree I have smell like lemon tea tree, the other 2 smell like just tea tree oil but one is sweeter smelling. I can take some photos if you want to ID them or I can just collect some seeds & send them over.
  13. Leaves

    Law changes in NSW

    I served my country in the forces & the amount of people destroying their lives with alcohol was very disturbing. I was drinking way too much & after leaving the forces I ate a small amount of a cactus I had been growing for years. Since them I only drink when other people want me to drink with them (once a month) & only 2 or 3 drinks at a time. I think I would still be killing myself with booze if it wasn't for the healing properties of certain species. Also I can't really see how a person could enjoy abusing any of the above listed chemicals, maybe cathinone & ephedrine but the law makers allow supplement companies to make pre-work out powders that expose people to much more dangerous combinations/dosages of chemicals. The law makers need to try Catha sp. for themselves & realise they will need to make coffee illegal because it is stronger than Catha sp.
  14. Off topic but I have read numerous reports about Kratom causing liver damage in certain people. Some people seem certain these reports are myths or were caused by contaminates. Might be a good idea to be cautious until some clear evidence is presented. Here is one of the pages I read the info on http://www.thepoisonreview.com/2011/05/26/hepatotoxicity-from-abuse-of-kratom-first-reported-case/ It would not surprise me at all if the real cause was from consuming too much alcohol & panadol because the amount of booze & pharmaceuticals consumed in western countries is disgusting. Also it would not surprise me if the reports are fabricated by big pharmaceutical companies due to Kratoms threat on the methadone/buprenorphine scheme that they profit from.
  15. Leaves

    is it fungus on this catha?

    Those deformed leaves could be cause by over-fertilising no?
  16. Leaves

    going to Peru tomorrow.

    Yeah, good point, suppose all you can do is just inform AQIS of what species you find & ask for permission to bring them in.
  17. Leaves

    Animal intelligence

    This thread made me remember my Uncles pet white cockatoo back in the 80's. White cockatoo's can live up to about 70 years old and my uncles had intelligence roughly equivalent to 5-10 year old human. I was at a small country bar with my Uncle & the cockatoo, there was a old booze hag that was very drunk & loud hanging around us & I can clearly remember his cockatoo leaning over to my ear and whispering "Geez, she's an annoying bitch, ay." Got to be the funniest thing I have even seen or heard coming from a bird I think the fact that the cocky whispered his comment shows immense intelligence.
  18. Keep an eye on Dodo because even though I paid extra to have no contract with them (just incase they were a scam) they put me on 24 month plan, I complained and they said they would fix it but still I am on a 12 month plan. I am sick of talking to them because the call centre that answers has nothing to do with Dodo. Dodo is at best 1/10th of the speed that Telstra provides. Dodo just hire lines off Telstra then split them up into 10 & then charge you a arm & a leg - assholes. Also I had a brand new credit card which I had never used until I used it to pay Dodo connection fee etc, 2 days after I used it with Dodo over $800 went missing out of my account (I had no idea - the bank informed me) & I had to cancel my credit card. They are very dodgy! SallyD have you tried all of these things to help improve reception? http://lifehacker.com/5931743/top-10-ways-to-boost-your-home-wi+fi
  19. Leaves

    going to Peru tomorrow.

    Post seeds back your your place
  20. Leaves

    [ID] Morning Glory?

    Yep, I have never seen one myself, got any pics whoami?
  21. Leaves

    [ID] Morning Glory?

    Never seen a frilly leaved Piper or Ipomoea myself
  22. Leaves

    The Random Thread.

    Vanilla bean tea makes me happy
  23. Leaves

    tony abbott is our new PM!!

    The images you see of politicians are just that, they are images created by the people employed to analyse what the public would like to hear/see/think. They try to give out a image of someone kind & wise when really who we vote for does not matter much when the political advisers have foreign interests.....
  24. Leaves

    Echinopsis Pachanoi; Do we have it in OZ?

    I have seen it for sale at local nurseries. Pricey tho.