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  1. Pisgah

    Round Fruit

    This is a first for me. I've never seen a T. iboga flower in person. Anyone know how long these usually take to set fruit? Looks like the base may actually be swelling already.
  2. Pisgah

    silene capensis growing tips

    I have found them very easy to germinate. Sprinkle on free draining. sterile soil. Keep moist and humid until they germinate, then give them more air flow. Standard plastic bag, or lidded tub would work. As far as moisture goes, they actually like a fair amount of moisture. Particularly if the air is hot & dry, they can tolerate wet feet. They are not fussy, but more water is better than treating them like a xerophyte. When they set flower and set seed, the process for getting seeds is simple. Just wait until their small seed pod swells and starts to dry. This should start happening Summer of their second year, in my climate that is. And so long as the winters aren't too cold, this plant should reseed itself rather easily.
  3. Pisgah

    Sending seed to USA

    There is one caveat that I would add regarding USDA restrictions. While 99 out of 100 times it isn't an issue, I have had Acacia seeds stopped by the USDA due to a ban on their import from Australia & Oceana. This is not a customs issue, but an agricultural one, so it is not as vigorously enforced. If these are rare Acacia seeds, I would do as Auxin mentions and declare the contents as a gift. Instead of listing the species of seed in the declaration, just put the word 'seeds' on it.
  4. Pisgah

    i can no longer P.M or view profiles

    gusto! Woot!
  5. Pisgah

    Acacia confusa pics inside

    I can't help with the ID, but the shots are great. That profile one of the bark cut looks like freakin' sashimi.
  6. Pisgah

    Happy Birthday Shruman

    Happy day, bro! Hope this next spin around the sun is a good one.
  7. Pisgah

    Heimia salicifolia

    A mature plant would have a very high number of tips. Very bushy plant. More tip trimming would make more branching. Since I live in a colder climate, my experience is not fully applicable to Australia. With cold here, Heimia dies back nearly to the ground. I essentially do a coppice cut on the old branches. This encourages tons of branching in the Spring. Even if you don't need to cut it back due to cold, a dramatic pruning would encourage significant tip production. Pruning time would be near to the beginning of active growth, not before winter if you are in a colder climate.
  8. Pisgah

    m. hostilis

    Soak them for 2 or 3 days tops. I think the peroxide is very helpful with longer soaks. Transplant the ones that swell, and hit up the others with more hot h2o. Any seed with holes should probably be tossed. Most commercial seed I've seen in the past few has a lot of insect damage holes.
  9. Pisgah

    m. hostilis

    Sort of depends how fresh the seed is. Recently form the pod, and you don't need to do much. Most seed is pretty dry, though, so the same kind of hot water treatment you would give an acacia would be good. You could file or nick the seeds, like you describe, as well. I just like the hot water treatment better. Hot h2o, not quite boiling, poured over seeds in a metal cup. Metal cup dissipates heat quickly. Let them sit. Repeat on the ones that don't swell in a couple days. Peroxide in the water while they are soaking isn't a bad idea.
  10. Pisgah

    Acacia Obtusifolia

    Beautiful, and good luck!
  11. Pisgah

    Papaver Somniferum - Alk Profile

    I'm not in Aus, so I can't speak very well to conditions there for this species. However, cold & wet is how they like to germinate in general. Hot & wet no good. Plant in autumn, right before some rain when it will be cool. direct sow into the ground, and thin when spring arrives before they bolt & while they are still in veg.
  12. Pisgah

    Happy Birthday Tripitaka

    Best wishes, health and energy bro!
  13. Pisgah

    Papaver Somniferum - Alk Profile

    Pretty sure the Izmir mix is a combination of Turkish Commercial, Taz, Persian white, & some others that had a chance to cross over the course of a couple of years in a cottage garden somewhere. So a question of potency on those is too variable to really say. Some really good ones in the mix, though. Afghan is great, Persian White is quite good as well.
  14. Pisgah


    FWIW, I just had a very pleasant experience with toasted, basified colei seeds smoked with black caapi leaf. No color shift or geometry, but an entry way above just smoked caapi leaf. Worth more exploration at the seed level. mass of seed material in 1 spliff (shared by 2 people) was approx mass of 2 anadenanthera seeds. No vicious peanut smoke, so there is room to move up in mass without collapsing the lungs, it seems.
  15. Pisgah


    It will be fine, so long as it has developed a large enough root sytem. When this species is used for firewood fuel, it is often coppice cut. Usually this is done with a mature plant, but essentially they are cut back to stubs and they flush out new branches in a bushier form.