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Found 8 results

  1. planthelper

    heimia salicifolia preparation

    hi! i'm trying to work out a tek on how to ferment heimia. i can't exactly remeber what i did last time with the material, so this time i will writte it down here. so far, i have harverested the material, and i plan to do as followes. remove the thicker stems, than place the material, into a glassbowl and pour a little bit of boiling hot water over it. than it's placed into the full sun, and sealed with some glad wrap. after a few day's (one might add more water over time, but just a little) the whole thing has turned into a soup, which now can get filtered thru a sieve. than you pour this "goo" onto a plate and let it dry a bit, now it's ready for use. sometimes, after drying out the goo for a long time, white crystalls will percipitate out of the resin. i have only very little personel experience with heimia, but yeah maybe, a negative side effect of heimia is to loose your musical pitch for a while??! here is a pic of my last heimia extraction:
  2. cactuscarl

    heimia salicifolia

    Hi all I've got a bunch of heimia that can be harvested I was thinking of putting it my sister oil extractor. I'm not sure what type she's got. I'm just wondering if I would need a specific type to extract the alkaloid or if it's even possible with an oil extractor? Cheers
  3. LikeAshesWeFade

    Heimia Salicifolia

    Very interested in this wonderful herb that hasn't been looked into enough! As far as my understanding goes, this plant is legal to do whatever you want with it. Most of my research on this plant seems to point to it being quite a decent substitute to MJ, producing quite a relaxed, euphoric and well-being state? Can anyone back this up for me? I have 4 on order and have recently quit the MJ, as it's just a bloody joke what you get for your moneys worth thesedays! Cheers guys!
  4. geezer0

    Heimia salicifolia

    Hi Guys and gals Whats the best way to take cuttings and how long to take roots? All the best G
  5. t st tantra

    heimia leaf for smoking

    had tried smoking heimia leaf and extracts a number of times but always found it heavy on the chest. was investigating the seasonal and other variations i had noticed. some leaf is light green and supple sometimes very large leaves,usually these are the fresh tips. as the leaf ages it becomes darker and stiffer. the light coloured leaf,just pick what will snap very easily,smokes very nicely and was not harsh at all,flavour pleasant. treat in the sun after picking,once it has a strong sweet smell keep going til dry or just dry. t s t .
  6. Due to the generosity of our glorious leader and noble benefactor Torsten my 'Alkaloids of Genus Heimia' page has now moved to a much better server http://www.shaman-australis.com/~auxin/heimia.htmlHERE. So update your bookmarks everyone.
  7. t st tantra

    heimia alchemy

    ...as most of you would know i've been making active heimia products for a while now,once i had the fermented leaf i always got a good result. but my brews while active were not palatable,so i made the pellets.it was probably more the slimy texture that the bitterness.these brews were translucent amber in appearance. there has been some success written up at the yahoo forum,and so i decided to return to my brewing experiments. i had assumed an alcohol was formed in the fermentation proccess and the alkaloids would disolve in that. in fact a tea is made and this tea is then fermented ! because of my assumption i thought that if i left the leaf in the brew would be stronger. this was my main mistake! if the tea is strained/filtered of most plant material fermentation will take place as it should. you will recognise your success by the milkyness of the yellow tinged liquid and the film of metalic[?] sheen on the surface ! this may take up to 3 days.the brew should have a creamy oily texture. what was just as surprising was the effect,there was a whole new aspect that had not been there before.to me its like the old heimia experience with a dominant layer over it that is like the softness and colour tones of sacred lotus but a bit brighter.or like kava with a smart drug.i find it works very quickly and in faifly small amounts.quite analgesic.this is a pleasure to drink and its cooling effect should also help make it a popular summer drink. 20gms fermented leaf to just under a litre of water yeilded about 750ml of brew,as a starting point.but you can keep leeching the leaves until they're exhausted. think thats the main points. t s t . [ 04. October 2004, 08:38: Message edited by: t st tantra ]
  8. t st tantra

    ext of fermented heimia leaf

    when i first fermented and dried heimia leaf i smoked some and thought it was about 2 to 3 times stronger than plain dried leaf. since then i made a big brew but it was too strong and virtually undrinkable.thick and very bitter.so i reduced the liquid down to almost solid ,formed pellets and let them dry.yeids vary from batch to batch but i use 2 mugs worth,about 95gms of leaf per batch and get 60 to 100 pellets. they are active at about the size of a split pea.not just 2 to 3 times stronger than previous extracts but a much fuller effect.i now know why its called sunopener and i've had several episodes of aural effects. i gave some to a friend who takes valium,she stated that a pellet was better than 5mg valium.i assume she ment interms of relaxation and freedom from anxiety.though valium doesnt interact with entheogens like heimia can. i have a new batch of leaf and of pellets at the moment and am open to offers! t s t . [ 13. April 2004, 23:45: Message edited by: t st tantra ]