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    Brugmansia, Body Modifications, Cactus, Ibogaine Poppies

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  1. terah


    Hi everyone, I’ve been away for quite a while, went back to Uni and got distracted, anyway my brugmansia collection is seriously depleted. Can anyone help out with any cuttings or seeds. Are you still around Tantra?
  2. terah

    Looking for Aztec herb

    Thanks all.
  3. terah

    Gift for Torsten?

    The search engine in the new format is fantastic! Thanks Torsten. I think we should all get together and buy Torsten a gift for the long hours he puts into this site, that have helped so many of us. Send me a private message with suggestions please. And dont be tight arses!
  4. terah

    Looking for Aztec herb

    Thanks guys for trying.I got the info from a piercer who is quite arrogant and I think he might have misspelt it on purpose so no one else discovers his amazing find.Wanker.
  5. terah

    anyone between Melbourne and Adelaide?

    You are welcome to use my back yard in Adelaide if you need to. I dont know how exciting it will be for you as Im a bit of a recluse lately but there are nice people about that you could meet. Email me.
  6. terah

    Looking for Aztec herb

    Im looking for Quatrolatte. It might not be spelt right. Im a body piercer for all that dont know and apparently quatrolatte is really good for healing and drying out piercings or wounds.Id also be interested if anyone has tried anything else for wounds with success.
  7. terah

    Brugamnsia seeds, plants

    Ive got heaps of seed if anyone runs out and needs more.
  8. terah

    Iboga as a cure?

    Thanks Brian, and yes Im very serious.Most treatments Ive found are really expensive. The Iboga capsules at www.iboga.nl sound okay. Any thoughts?
  9. terah

    Iboga as a cure?

    Has anyone used Ibogaine as a cure for opiates abuse or know anyone who has? Did it work? Does it work? And if so,where was it done?
  10. terah

    Brugmansia Seeds

    Hey Tantra, that badge belongs to me and you know it.
  11. terah

    Adelaide Meeting

    Sorry Spiral. I thought you might have realized by now that I hate phones.But I still love you
  12. terah

    Adelaide Meeting

    Sorry guys I havent organized a meeting yet, Ive been really busy.So anyone keen send me a note and Spiraleyes and Tantra can just phone me.Lets do it soon.And youre welcome to join us any out of towners.
  13. terah

    Adelaide Meeting

    Reville just gave me an idea with his Perth get together. How about a get together of all the Adelaide members. I know 2 of us and Ive heard there is more. If anyone is interested mail me and we can work out a time and place convenient for all.Hope to meet you all.
  14. terah

    chelidonium majus/op8[?] plants available

    So Bitter Bitter Tantra. I did eventually drink it though.
  15. terah

    chelidonium majus/op8[?] plants available

    So Bitter Bitter Tantra. I did eventually drink it though.