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  1. George Simian

    Trying out grafting

    so this would be my stock... its pedro i think and i would graft one of these buttons onto it--- the side one i also have peres to play with smaller buttons. also yesterday i decided to cut most of the buttons off the grafted cacti i have and start a loph army! was this a terrible idea? i put them on coco coir to encourage rooting. or should i try and graft them here do you guys thing they are big enough to root themselves?
  2. George Simian

    Trying out grafting

    thanks guys. my smaller buttons are too big to go onto peres i think... so i may just have to try an root them. have them all sitting out drying now. i read in another thread that coco coir was a good rooting medium?
  3. George Simian

    Trying out grafting

    it was a bit of a hasty job because i am also juggling my Mycology
  4. George Simian

    Trying out grafting

    no i didn't let them dry, should i take take them out and dry them?
  5. George Simian

    six ways mushrooms can save the world :)

    sharing is caring fellas! that's why this forum has such a wealth of knowledge.
  6. hey man, i never did receive the prints from the trading thread.... hope you're still alive!

  7. George Simian

    Looking for P. Cubensis print (for microscopy)

    ill hook you up. if your still in need ;) pm me x
  8. George Simian

    TIme To Share

    This is a album that is very close to my heart and i think that it deserves a listen. So i will share this with you put aside a Sunday afternoon put it on and ride the wave of the music through your soul. as for getting it well. you could torrent it but i don't condone this ebay has a few copies, cd shops should be able to order it. I got mine from basement disks melbourneians http://www.amazon.com/First-Take-Roberta-Flack/dp/B000002J5S truly quite amazing
  9. George Simian

    500th post give away

    did you hear about the gay midget that came out of the cupboard?
  10. George Simian

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    thanks man! VVVVVVVVVVGets Cube Thai print x2VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV (For microscopy purposes only) peace
  11. George Simian

    Hippophae rhamnoides seed giveaway

    yes please! pm'd cheers
  12. George Simian

    catha edulis seed give away

    me too please
  13. http://www.theage.com.au/environment/conservation/lazarus-orchid-rises-from-the-soil-once-more-20101206-18muq.html you know its going to be a good day when something like this happens it didn't say in the article but might they breed them?
  14. George Simian

    Free HBWR seeds

    thanks man pm'd
  15. George Simian


    might this mean a crack down on the ebay button cactus ring? all because some idiot decided to sell the sacred mint on ebay?
  16. George Simian


    if thats what i think it is he is a very naughty ebayer!!
  17. George Simian

    Peres to go!

  18. George Simian

    Mushrooms on TED

    thought that you might find this interesting this guy has some good ideas!! http://www.ted.com/talks/paul_stamets_on_6_ways_mushrooms_can_save_the_world.html
  19. George Simian

    Mushrooms on TED

    haha sorry guys about the repost but it is an awesome vid i love how fungi have the power to turn a oil soaked heap of earth into an "oasis of life" just awesome
  20. George Simian

    my collections so far

    so its been a fortnight since i got the first one but i think i have a real thing for cacti!!! just a few questions http://s1218.photobu...403/george_667/ can anyone id the lithop? and should i graft the little loph? and the other clumper is a bit soft any idea whats up? thanks guys im going to sow the pedro seeds tomorrow just have to go to bunnings first
  21. George Simian

    lophs to spare?

    perhaps you might pm me with more reveling details re this vendor?
  22. George Simian

    lophs to spare?

    does anyone want to sell me some lophs? trying to get a window sill garden going but ebay prices for "button cactus" are fairly high any help is greatly apreciated!!! pm with details peace George
  23. George Simian

    Cacti garden

    hey guys (and gals!) im kinda new to the whole cacti thing and i thought i might try my hand at growing a few. what would be some good plants to start off with? and from cuttings or start from seed? also im not looking for those magic cacti exclusively but some reward for the effort would be nice anyone got any ideas? also im new to the site so if i have put this in the wrong place i am sorry thanks!
  24. George Simian

    Spore Prints wanted

    hi all just wondering if anyone has any cube prints lying around that they would be willing to part with. i just dug out my microscope and i was keen to get some study done this weekend and of course all prints are for microscopy purposes only if anyone wants to help me out could you please pm me thanks!
  25. George Simian

    Cacti garden

    thanks guys for your suggestions so what sort of cacti should i get? some of these long spiky ones on here look awesome! is there anyone who would want to sell me some small plants?