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  1. George Simian

    Lophophora any variety

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7CywAkoro6Say0r5DsTijg If somebody could provide subtitles for some of these videos. hooooly dooly
  2. George Simian

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    Saw this on FB cat said it was 2013- now mental stuff. love the last pics w mucho fluff. Probably not variegated but persistently yellow tersch IMG_9983.HEIC
  3. matches the pool perfectly ey!
  4. George Simian

    rooting large/thick cuttings

    Dug this one! great info t
  5. George Simian

    Books for sale! - all done

    Soooooooooold american. Howdy folks these have been collecting dust and are begging to have things spilt on them and get little bits of grass in their pages. make a reasonable offer happy to do a bundle if anyone is keen on the whole lot buyer pays postage (some names changed to protect the innocent) Some Simple Tryptamines 2nd ed Trout Pihkal Trouts Notes on Cactus Cultivation Marinara Horticulture Bible - Jorge Cervantes Silly Cyber Mushrooms of The World Stamets Cactus of Mystery - Ross Heaven The Hummingbirds Journey to God - Ross Heaven The Cosmic Serpent - Jeremy Narby The Doors of Perception - Huxley Dragibus Vol 1 Issue 1 + Issue 3 Dragibus Vol 2 Issue 1 Teachings of Don Juan - Castanadea The Chemical Muse - Hillman PHD Dock Ellis, Marinara, Yoga and Hypnosis - Barber IMG_9325.HEIC
  6. George Simian


    I have been using oriveda Lions mane and their blended ccce that has cordyceps in it. pretty spenno but after a fair bit of research seems to be best option, they test and provide reports for actives
  7. George Simian

    Cactus country

    Possibly some J cross action?
  8. George Simian

    Tricho ID - Old school pedro

    Cheers folks looks like we can shut the agatha christie on this one. I think I thought it could have been Ecuador? but yowie is definitely right from the pics i've seen. Getting back into learning from the plant after 5 years of just looking at the gorgeous things, also a bit of curation of the collection making sure the next 5 years are just as bliss. seems I should have made metal tags not plastic ones. I've got a few more things to ID in the coming days so thanks in advance for your knowledge/patience everybody.
  9. George Simian

    Cactus country

    PICS UPDATED had a walk around the place with the cat many moons ago after a dusty party out that way. The fellow said these were the most 'popular' in the community but he never did let on as to what they were 1 Long spine orange red IMG_9034.HEIC IMG_9035.HEIC 2 IMG_9033.HEIC IMG_9032.HEIC
  10. George Simian

    Tricho ID - Old school pedro

    Thanks G they sure do look similar :)
  11. Any ideas here? was sold to me as the title 10 years ago from a former member 'ol school pedro' she's about to pop too so will post updates if you dig
  12. Me too with bells on and plants off
  13. George Simian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'd be available, last one was a hoot!
  14. Do you think we can handle all that toque?

  15. George Simian

    Youtube vids

    What a blast from the past, gee thanks kitty!