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  1. If you have more to say, please do Speak Change. Why hold it back. We do have genuine interest in your thoughts. And because all kinds of rants are needed, your speaking out your unique perspective could build useful layers in the thought landscapes of others.

    Of course feathers get ruffled sometimes, that's how it goes when people are passionate about and deeply involved with their ideas and their learning.

    It stirs the pot. The pot usually needs stirring.

    edit: +

    Look what happens when the pot gets stirred: people think about and talk about things they may not have otherwise. And we all learn from this. Lots. I probably learn the most from those who think most differently to myself. I don't always enjoy it at the time, but in the long run I know it's for the best.

    And even if you can't get your questions answered atleast by talking about things do you find a diverse network of perspectives to compare and consider. Really your answers can only come from within but a wide data pool of possibilities often helps in the research phase.

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  2. Good discussion and thanks for your thoughts, I liked reading them.

    Just wanna say though, I hope this forum can long continue to be a place where people can express themselves without being shut down or belittled because they don't align with others ideals and thoughts.

    I carry a lot of shit around in my head which I can't talk about and one of the things that helps me to deal with this is being able to talk about the things that I love and am excited by. No, they aren't scientific. My brain doesn't work in that way. I'm not equipped for it.

    But simply because someone has ideas and beliefs different to your own doesn't mean they are wrong, or that this person needs to be corrected for their sake and for the sake of anyone who comes into contact with them.

    Lately it's been feeling a like there's a bit of hostility being thrown around and the effect that that can have is that some people feel less welcome to share and express themselves.

    But isn't that what a forum is for? To meet other perspectives?

    If I want to believe a plant has a spirit, so be it. If I want to tell a child to be gentle with a plant because it has feelings, so be it, science has come to the party and backed that up.

    Do I go around telling people that this spirit is evil and that spirit is good? No. Because that would be imposing my human judgement on a living thing which I only have a very limited understanding of.

    I understand that there is strong, valid reasoning behind holding one'self to the scientific paradigm, but it's just not within my nature to immerse myself in that. While I understand this disposition may be considered willful ignorance or arrogance by those who have devoted their time to developing scientific understandings, I call for recognition that my own approach to studying life is the one which is valid for me as an individual, and that is why I continue with it. I get the answers and insights which are practically useful to me and this helps me carry on. We all know we can't really determine anything for certain, so why not simply accept that we each live in our own form of reality and this diversity is what stimulates growth and development for all of us.

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  3. Pretty sure that 'weird fungus' is actually a root from the fern. I could be wrong but it looks a lot like it.

    Hare's foot ferns put out very similar above ground roots, surely many other ferns do as well. See if you can establish if its connected to the fern or a solo operator.

  4. Im surprised no shaman has opened up and said they dont need a shamanic weapon cos they have spirits, ghosts, and demon's that can do there bidding.

    Why are Shamans and Witches so hush hush about the fact they believe in and use black magic for there own personal benefit ?

    If that's genuinely what you think goes on in the lives of all shamans and witches, I feel you have a very misguided view of both witchcraft and shamanism.

    I'm not saying that there arent witches and shamans who do use black magic but the PRIMARY ROLE of a shaman is to heal, and to interperet subtle patterns for the benefit of their community. Witches perform similar functions in different ways.

    The most basic fundamental law that is passed along with awareness of any of these practices, is that whatever you do, comes back to you three-fold. If you cause harm to another, you are inviting it upon yourself.

    The only witches I've known have been for simplicities sake 'white witches' who work to uphold balance, health and equilibrium in their own lives, and their families. Projecting ill intent towards another using one's power is serverly frowned upon.

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  5. These can be thrown at people if they have ill intent and need be. Otherwise they are entirely peaceful.


    And here's some other tools of use, not for attack but just defence. Again. Preventatives.

    The fan/wand is made out of totara, with pointy end, could hurt eyes. Tucked in at the back is an agave spine and hematite.

    Pendulum - pretty self explanatory.

    The rest are "holders", they act like little outposts of particular intention around the house. Signals to self and others.

    Greenstone. More greenstone. Jasper. Ameythst. Fluorite.

    Gold lions are lucky for me. I now have two. One Asian, one lionking type.

    And moons are peace keepers.


    The engraved bullet casing is a shed-bad-vibes charm. Begins atopped with a piece of black kyanite - protective, reflective. Inside is housed a tektite - space rock. Buffered by small quartz, 3 small citrine, 1 small amethyst for easing off a bit.


    Just little things that make me feel safer. My mind to inhabit, if it helps me, so be it.

    But yeah. These guys are the best guardians. That blue!


    Think I could also call the geese a shamanic weapon. They are a symbol of protection, and live up to their title..making one hell of a racket when someone unknown steps onto the property. Geese are an acquired taste but I've come to appreciate them.

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  6. At this size, and considering how lovely and plump it is, I would definitely graft onto a small/medium sized trich. It will take easily cause it looks so healthy, and the growth that could be achieved in 1-2 more years on a stock makes degrafting now not so worthwhile. It also takes a long time for astro degrafts to grow roots, so may be advisible to get it a bit bigger before attempting to grow roots of its own to ensure it doesn't dry up too quickly cause its little.

    Matter of taste of course, but I reckon it would be loovely on a wee pach.

    Very cute. Well done.

  7. Thanks buddy. It really is wonderful. Couldn't believe my luck and still barely can. I've been being extra extra nice to my landlady and tending the hens, ducks and geese and working in the vege garden with hopes she'll let me stay on long term.

    Wait till you guys see the worm farms..omg. Never seen anything like it. I have so much worm castings its ridiculous.

    Beautiful house and property, with a pretty colourful history. It has fallen to neglect a little over the last 15 years or so. Guess that's why I'm here. Put a bit of new energy into the place, get it lively again. And so very lively it is..


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  8. Thanks all!

    And hey Getafix, believe it or not it is! And yeah still have 3/4s of my plants at my friends and my mums houses, cause I've been slow on the uptake this year and until recently circumstances haven't been appropriate for having 30-50ish spikey as heck trichs around.

    Once I get a free weekend with vehicle access then some things gonna change around here.

    I am trying to decide if I should get another greenhouse or not..

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  9. Thank goodness for that! Does this mean you are through the worst of it and now just got some serious taking it easy to do while you heal? Please do take it really easy, even when you start feelin ok again, its a big shock for your body to have such things occur....just chill and soak up all the tlc you can!

    Much love and happy healing time. So glad you made it through okay!

  10. I'd say Cuzco. Gradually the eye becomes accustomed to the slight morphological differences between a Peru and a Cuzco, I can't explain it very well but something about the wavyness of the ribs, how they curve around the aereole, and all the dominant long singular downward pointing spines sing out cuzcoensis to me.

    Beauties!! Great score indeed.

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