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  1. well worth a read imo:


    "Either way, the reality is that a young boy was taken from school in handcuffs, interrogated, and had his belongings searched, simply because he loved robotics and wanted to show his new high school a clock that he'd made himself in just 20 minutes. And that's incredibly wrong.

    The good news is that the incident has drawn a whole lot of support, with Ahmed now invited to The White House, Facebook HQ, and a science show with astronaut Chris Hadfield. Hopefully the fiasco inspires a whole lot of kids to learn a little more about engineering and experiment with their own projects, because we need more of Ahmed's ingenuity in the world."

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  2. Just a fuckin stab in the dark but I can tell you right here what most women don't want: interactions with narcissistic clowns who quantify a woman's value through her level of coherence with a narrow set of preconceived and shamelessly racist notions of cultural superiority.

    I don't understand how Subby is consistently allowed to run his mouth off like this when others receive atleast some degree of comeuppance for inappropriate and inflammatory behaviour.

    Where's this block members posts function, I'm all for it. Had enough of this grime.

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  3. I think they [and everybody else too] should both be sentenced to 7 years of mandatory terscheckii propogation at cactanamo bay under light of sun and moon with the occasional shelter and reefer,and the odd cup of tea...

    With some negotiations on the terms I am keen. I want all the 'occasional' privileges all of the time, and they'd be better be top notch herb and tea. Many cups of tea. Will exchange tea for rations if you can make it how I like it.

    In all seriousness Watertrade is a great mod, I have no comprehension of why Mutant may think other wise but

    DANG IT MUTANT... You make an enemy out of any one person most of the time you just make a fool out of yourself.

    There's more than enough absolutely terrible people in this world that you don't have to go hating on a nice mod who is just keeping the peace. And besides, hating on any one person is pointless, why not hate on the flimsy cultural constructions (constrictions) that keep so many of us trapped, why not hate on the inbuilt inequality and injustice which pervades human society?

    Where's your big ideals man, mr super saggitarian. Instead of getting all grumpy with someone, apply your aggression to something that actually deserves it and see what ya'll can do to create some waves in the right places.

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  4. Mmmm.. So much goodness in this thread.

    I came here to share another alchemical recipie, they call this one Golden Milk.

    It's basically like a turmeric chai.

    Turmeric is especially known for its benefits to digestion, immune function, liver health and even possible protection from cancer.


    1 can of Coconut Milk plus 1 cup of water OR 3 cups of homemade coconut milk

    1 teaspoon Turmeric

    1 teaspoon Cinnamon

    1 teaspoon raw honey or maple syrup or to taste

    Pinch of black pepper (increases absorption)

    Tiny piece of fresh, peeled ginger root or ¼ tsp ginger powder

    Pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)


    Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth.

    Pour into a small sauce pan and heat for 3-5 minutes over medium heat until hot but not boiling.

    Drink immediately

    I used fresh organic turmeric instead of powdered stuff, just skinned and chopped it very finely before blending. Also added more honey than the recipie directed cause I like it sweet.

    Nom nom nom..

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  5. Here's some blooms as promised, there also happens to be a bunch more pods slowly ripening which I will collect to trade or give away

    Given the supposed self sterile nature of this plant, it's seed may be a hybrid. The only common brug in the area is the red sanguinea. Will be interesting to see what the flowers come out like.



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  6. Awesome! Looks perfect. I have been told mealy bug are water resistant though, I wonder if this will effectively stick to them. I think water just runs off them and doesn't soak into the fluff.

    I first treated the crests by dabbing meths on the mealy bugs with a small paintbrush and then washing them and keeping them out of the sun in the days afterward. I thought this would have killed them for sure but a week later I see they are just carrying on like nothing happened...?

    I will get some natrasoap and try it anyway as it looks good and sounds like it works for mites aswell..I've got the odd few of those too.


  7. Round 2..

    Nitrogen Crests have been repotted and to some extent debugged,

    Still battling with a bit of mealy.. Best super mealy destruction technique advice appreciated!

    I used to always just sqiush em but because they are in crest crevices that approach is quite time consuming and ineffective


    TPC x multi


    Psycho0 x TPM


    TPM x N1 (bad bugs :( )


    TPQC x TPM


    Unknown lost id..gahh


    TPM x SS01


    Some Cuzco and TBMs


    Peruvianus to the left, Cuzco at the back, bridgesii at the front


    Uhhmm that nz tricho we've tried to id for years with confusing results, prob a Cuzco, to the left.

    Coromandel cacti's 'Super Spiny' behind to the right.


    This guy...forgot where it came from and what it is but I love it


    Newly sown trichocereus seeds (listed in first post) are just beginning life, under watchful eye of clay mother


    Some are a bit slow. The SG sausage were waay ahead of the pack, germination in about 3 days with those

    I recently got gifted some pere by two awesome peeps I have traded with in the past. Incredible to be able to restock a pere farm just like that thanks to the generosity of others. Blew me away.

    And oh boy.. Generosity...! Dawnbeaver sent me heaps of fat pere and these two beauties!! Couldn't believe my eyes..so happeey :)


    Ariocarpus retusus zone


    And I've started repotting a few trichocereus, the potting medium they are in looks all used up so I will have to upsize the pots of everything gradually. Adding a bit of Suscon Green to the mix to combat root mealy where it shows itself. Hopefully can keep on top of it.

    Here's a bridgesii grafted onto a Yowie and another TBM form, very slow growing..


    That's all from me for the moment. I'll report back with future developments


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  8. Oh my dear Horsey what has this cretin done to you? Are you feeling okay now?

    I've been having acupuncture lately and I've found it to be amazing. Maybe it's just the fact that I got very lucky and the only practitioner I have seen is incredible, and the way she works fits my dispositions perfectly. I wasn't so sure on the idea of getting needled, but the reality of it is not a concern to me at all.

    Sounds like what you've been having is some form of torture. Really really poor workmanship. I'd be making a complaint.

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  9. Oh dear. Fuck I'm sorry that's the way things ended up Change.

    The thing is that you can't really know why.. And you can't change the past. I feel the only thing one can do in this circumstance is acknowledge that she had a whole lifetime of factors and influences that led up to this.

    Its really impossible to understand from her perspective why she made that decision, and since you can't know it may be wise to not personalise it. A lot can happen in a day, let alone 12months. I know your feelings of guilt can't simply be turned off, but there's a good chance that you were really one of the most positive forces in her life, while you were there. Being unable to be there for someone who had hurt you, and who had a high-likelihood of potentially hurting you more deeply is not wrong. It is uncomfortable to accept, but you have done nothing wrong by retreating. I think it best to simply remember the good that you were for each other while it was golden; and acknowledge that while you wish you had acted differently, really in the end that choice was hers and hers alone to make, and you are not to blame. In any way shape or form.

    Remember the kindness and love that you did share. That may have been the only real experience of that she knew, one can't know, but connections like that are truly special, and I believe their value transcends time and space. You gave her the gift of your devotion and she eventually grew unable to receive that, this doesn't negate the fact that you gave this and shared the love and the time together that you did. But some of the most wonderful things in life are the most fleeting and enigmatic, stunning but perplexingly painful when they are gone.

    'Hurt people hurt people'..

    Much love. I have no idea really what to say or if I should say anything at all but I will say this cause I care about you. A part of me is angered deeply by suicide, for the eternal mark this leaves on the ones who loved them..this type of situation has affected a few people I care about lately, but in the end I see that anger is worthless in the face of such tragedy.

    This world is a pretty unhappy place at times and instead of harbouring guilt or anger it seems as though it is more fruitful to just be focusing on looking out for another and ensuring we do the best we can in our lives.

    Honour the lives of those who have gone before us by living our own lives in the best way we can.

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  10. I have a sad bonsai tale..

    I had a lovely little blue tree I got from a bonsai show about three years ago, it was in a training pot so I switched it into a nice green ceramic dish, the contrast of the dusky blue foliage and the rich green of the pot was gorgeous.

    But it was a pretty small dish.

    Recently I had a little 4 year old boy hanging out with me in the garden one sunny day, and he looked at this bonsai tree very intently for a few minutes then turned to me and said ' you have to repot this tree. It doesn't like being in the little pot. It wants to go into a really big pot so it can grow big and strong and then it can protect your house. '

    I kind of knew what he was saying, and felt a bit bad for the tree. But I didn't listen.

    About a month later the foliage started turning brown and I tried to pamper it back to health, but it just went downhill very rapidly from there and died.

    I didn't listen and I lost my favourite tree.

    Think I am going to stick to medium sized and extra resilient trees from now on. Accidentally killing them through human folly hurts your green thumb. So sad.

    Edit: nawwww yea Flora that's the one in my story now. Gahh.

  11. Maybe they do and it's a screening process. It takes a certain degree of both dexterity and commitment to remove the influence of those spines. If a creature has the ingenuity to do this, perhaps they are also the kind of creature who would enjoy the results of this venture, covet the cactus in question and perpetuate its existence by propagation and dispersal to new areas for growth.

    A creature who would be repelled by the spines would likely leave it alone in future. Maybe the cactus knows how to find its human underlings by presenting them with a puzzle and offering rewards for solving it.

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  12. Dcliw you get told you're anemic and you need to eat some meat, so you go buy steak for the first time in life and then attempt to cook it for yourself. ... after years of hearing complaints about the sacrilege of overcooking steak, cooking it well, (but to the extent I can bear to eat it without becoming too scared by the pinkness and the blood) seems like an almighty task. Much googling.

    But then I did it! And did a good job of it! It looks like the pictures tell me it should! First steak I have cooked in my life and I did it perfectly (others would no doubt beg to differ) and it was awesome ..I'm really quite proud of myself. It's a big deal for an ex-vegetarian.

    Go me, being all carnivorous n shit. Times they are a'changin.

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