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  1. A lil update... Gardens been displaced once more except this time I have moved islands!

    Have brought some stuff with me but the major focus this year was raising stuff from seed with my plant-loving bf.

    We have produced around 700 seedlings this season (...*gulp*) and I've been working on the pereskiopsis grafts, got up to about the 70~80 mark now (yay for pere)

    Haven't taken photos of everything yet but this will give a glimpse!

    Some sharxx blue x TPM grafts


    My first row of graduates (from the moisture chamber) ..these lil guys were gifted some jasper topping stones to mark their progression into the real world of sunlight and inconsistent humidity.


    And this ain't my plant but dang, I have gotten to know it very well taking around 100 clones from it in the last few months... This is not something you see everyday!!! Or in my case - ever before!

    Pere in bloom today :)

    post-8023-0-15811100-1458449689_thumb.jp post-8023-0-12138100-1458449708_thumb.jp

    Crests are going nicely..

    post-8023-0-03817000-1458449738_thumb.jp post-8023-0-49639400-1458449766_thumb.jp



    ... Bog is still winning at life :P


    And a final LOL @ this guy... bridgesii 'Anna' x Roseii 1


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  2. Dcliw your autopilot half-sleeping brain gets you out of bed at 4am and you go sit on the couch for no apparent reason, only to awaken there confused but pleasantly surprised when your partner unexpectedly returns a day early from a long drive with 30metres of cactus to unload. And here you are ready and waiting like the psychic dogs who sit patiently by the door as they know when their person is heading home.

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  3. Dchiw you wake up feeling funny (bad funny not good funny) and then gradually your most recent dream coalesces to some extent ..not enough to remember what it was about but enough to remember that you were uncontrollably bawling your eyes out in that dream and this well of saddness those perpetual dream-tears leaked from feels so close to the surface you want to cry but cannot remember why :(

  4. Cool!! If either of you ever get a chance to post pix I would love to see. Mine got given away with a moving house mish.

    All envelopes packed and ready to go in the mail tomorrow, thanks people ^_^

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  5. Hey man, thanks for the bump.. Well yes and no. Actually yes in a way.

    There has been some progress :) some big life changes tho too so it has been a sporadic start.

    What I did was got a big A4 blank art book and began making mind maps and flow charts.. Just set about getting the beginning ideas onto paper and from there used free-association to expand upon the core themes. The framework of the story began to naturally assert itself as I approached it with a open mind as well as continually referring to my feelings and instincts about where it could go.

    I explored a few different models of the archetypal heroic myths and then set about creating my own uhhmmm..Plot Diagram thingy.. Of how the story is due to unfold. I connected each phase of the story with an element and built a secondary layer of brainstormed ideas from the intuited thoughts on the nature of each process of transformation.

    Then I just kept hoarding ideas in my big book and gradually started building a couple of main characters. I am still very much in the beginning stages of actual writing, I have set out a few draft chapters but really I'm just practicing and not worrying too much about getting everything perfect as I'm more just focusing on developing the skill to accurately convey a scene which arises as a mental picture.

    I think the most effective approach for me has been just practicing effectively describing random scenarios in writing, they need'nt be profound or connected to your intended story, just the act of learning how to do it by doing it has been good fun and shows you where you're at. Good luck :) I'm by no means established but im having a try atleast, seems like a worthwhile thing to do!

    Another thing I found useful was reading lots of quality writing, and really digesting the way the words flow, how a scene is established. Experiencing it as completely as possible, merging with the story but also stepping back and scrutinising 'how' the author did something, assessing what worked so well about that.

    I guess it's developing an art of observation and keen descriptive and emotive ability. Such things are amazing to just have a play around with, engages your mind in a very unique way.

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    (i am reusing this thread instead of creating a new one)


    Hey folks, got a lil bit excess cacti and misc seed to trade,

    Looking for trich seed mostly.. Or anything notably awesome that people should just grow because its so amazing..

    I have:

    Bridgesii 'Anna' x Roseii #1

    Roseii #1 x pach

    Pach x Bridgesii 'Anna'

    Peru OP

    (Rather old) Peru x 'Yowie'


    Lobelia inflata

    Heimia salicifolia 'sinicuichi'

    Aralia cordata

    Ceratonia siliqua - carob

    Silene capensis


    Pm me if interested.


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  7. Very nice my bro. A treat to see your pics again. Could you by any chance update me on your biggest Peru in the ground? It was inbetween overgrown gardens close to your old man's potting shed.

    ..annd your 'Quentin' monstrose bridgesii which went into the ground 3 or so years ago.

    Miss you, miss your garden and miss your family too, plz give yo mama and papa hugs for me.

    ..and this "CC's T. spp CC4171 - Apparently came from Oreocereus weberi"

    How did you come upon this info?

  8. I do!

    (..Have Fatalli that is)

    They're from last year but have been stored reasonably well and there's 12 there, should still get some germinate.

    I'll send them to ya if you pm an addy.... Maaaybe you could feel inclined to send me a couple of Carolina reaper seeds when you get pods later in the season? Bf wanted to grow them. I personally wouldn't cause I don't wana be growing chillies so hot I can't eat them, but hey, each to their own ;)

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  9. There are a few things which i thought i couldnt live without, but by becoming really poor and suddenly living in a big city, i realised i can survive depravation from, atleast temperarily.


    A washing machiene at my own house

    Perpetual solitude

    Complete darkness and silence while i sleep

    A whole house full of stuff which i rarely utilise or pay much attention to

    These are small steps, i still buy milk and coffee when i can ;)

    But eventually i believe i could forgo alot more. I am a loner and have often dreamed of retreating to the mountainous forests and builing a solo life amoung the trees.. but thats uneccesary at this time.

    Ideally i'd like to live in a world where money was abolished and we traded our way through daily life.

    I could live without being entrapped by the monetary system.

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  10. Dchiw you realise that the ease of communication through modern technology retards us to such an extent that if one half of an agreed meeting fails to maintain their cellular global communication device; the most simple of arrangements can fall to pieces, inducing anxiety and frustration a-plenty.

    F*kn phns. Makes it too easy not to think for ourselves.

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