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  1. Update: Still looking for some L.W. var caespitosa seeds and any other L.W. var seeds. Help is much appreciated Edit; Also looking for Psychotria Spp., Banisteriopsis Spp. And Catha Edulis - Seeds or Plants.
  2. ..
  3. To everyone that responded thanks heaps you guys are the best, I should have enough stuff on the way now to get a garden up and growing and will kindly repay those that helped me out in due time Also you're the man toast, I will have to pop around and catch up soon. Once again Thank you to everyone
  4. Hey guys/gals, I have been inactive for a while and after moving houses I have given away/sold/lost most of my plants and seeds collection. I am now looking to start a new garden at my new place and am looking for anything like; Acacia seeds, Trich and Loph seeds, Veggie seeds, various ethno seeds, etc etc.. I don't have much to offer right now in terms of money, but I will be purchasing some trich cuts soon to build my collection back up and any help will eventually be kindly rewarded. PM me if you can help out. Cheers, Ethos
  5. Will do $50 on all the cuttings if anyone is interested Pm me
  6. Greenhouse is no longer on offer as it has been moved in to storage. Will do the remaining 5 cuttings for $80 + postage, that is a little over 50c per cm. Pm me if you're interested
  7. Everyone is being so kind and it is inspiring, so seeing as I will be moving houses soon and wont have any room to grow anything I will also chuck in a nice variety of seeds from my collection to the winner. Lophs, Trichs, catha, brugmansia, desmanthus, acacia etc. Keep the posts/ cool deeds coming
  8. Replied to your PM Wezza, I also have a Grandfern polycarbonate greenhouse I need to get rid of. Same as this one I have only put the base together, all polycarbonate panels are still in the original box and all of the structural pieces are still in their shrink wrapping. Retails at $399 but will let it go for around $250, Newcastle pick up only
  9. Today I rescued a striped marsh frog from my pool filter and then set him free in a lush area that I dampened with water so he wouldn't dry out, but I don't feel it was that cool
  10. New cuttings added, PM me if you're interested
  11. Hey Phoenix, I'm not really sure as I tend to sell all my TBM's as whole plants but people seem to be happy paying around $5 - $10 per segment. And I have replied to your PM superdan Also thanks for the positive feedback
  12. Hey mate, Unfortunately someone interested in the light has already messaged me. I will message you if it does not sell