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  1. If GOD created everything why do we allow a few mortal men to decide which gifts we're allowed?

  2. Unfortunatly more balls then brains is is rarely a valid defence.

  3. Lab Rat

    Mephedrone Legal Status Australia

    Skiping over the whether or not its legal ,if customs come across Mephedrone it will most certainly be seized and destroyed. Unless of course you have a permit to inport from TGA.But if you have a permit then you already know that and probably run a government research program or something. I actually called customs for their advise and although whoever i spoke with didnt know exactly they pointed me to the answer.Two calls later (first to TGA who suspected it was prohibited) the department of Chemical safety left me with no doubt that the cathinone bit at the end of its names means its a no go. End of story, money down the drian. Seized and destoryed 30 days after they find it, and while an honest mistake will just mean you loose you package,if its a repeat offence or there is reason to beleive you were intending resale then you will probably be spaeking with the AFP about why your buying "plant food" but dont have a garden. ;-)