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  1. simon_marklar


    if using firefox, just click the "add exception" link on that page and add an exception for that site...
  2. simon_marklar

    Nimbin Hemp Bar closed down!!!

    That doesnt make sense. If they have evidence that an illegal product is being sold, they would have raided it and arrested the people involved, right? But instead they threaten his landlord? Looks like the only thing missing is the "pay $100 a week for protection from crime" sentence. My guess is they have nothing...
  3. simon_marklar

    he Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever

    awesome series. A new entry just came out, and it ends on a cliff hanger.
  4. simon_marklar

    Portal to Xibalba Found

    Source how fucking cool would it be exploring there!!!!!
  5. simon_marklar

    Richard Evans Schultes Photos

  6. simon_marklar


    i read that that was added by kiddies so they can screen capture the "Blocked access to "NSW POLICE FORCE"" message and post it on their forum posts.(mostly whirlpool forums if i remember correctly) I stopped using peer guarding years ago, after someone submitted my ISPs subnet. that effectively stopped me from receiving any data as a lot of people were using peer guardian back then.
  7. simon_marklar

    Central Coast meet?

    ^ edited by jesus? WTF ?? dammmmm! i dont log on for a week or two and a miss the meet?! argghghghghgh oh well, i wouldnt of been able to come anyways. daughter was projectile vomiting and my girlfriend had diarrhea, and i was playing nurse.
  8. simon_marklar

    Jobs in the mining industry?

    my girlfriends best friends father runs a company in the blue mountains. her husband just got a job as a driver, no training. its all on the job training. not sure if they need more people but i can ask when i see them next weekend.
  9. simon_marklar

    Central Coast meet?

    26th might be ok, might not be. got a gig the day after so i'd probably want to spend the day with my daughter. put me down as a maybe.
  10. simon_marklar

    Central Coast meet?

    19th would be good for me i think. i suddenly have heaps of shit to do this month but not on that weekend. so... where are we going to go? some ideas: ?????? erina fair! (not)
  11. simon_marklar

    Endogenous electric shocks

    i once dropped a ton of bricks on my middle finger and from what i was told it split, and skin was totally and flattened (i was 3, so i dont remember). not sure about nerve damage but i assume it happened (from what i was told, you could see my bone and the skin going around it, skin was flat ) I have full feeling in the finger and do not experience electric shocks. I do have a cool scar that i show people when they piss me off. (where'd the up yours emoticon go? ) sorry i cant offer more info but being all of 3 yrs old when it happened its a bit hazy my sister cut her hand from the tip of the index finger down to the base of her hand and it took years to fix itself. I;'m not sure if she got the electic shocks but i know she had nerve damage. i'll ask her if she gets those symptoms....
  12. simon_marklar

    Melissa officinalis

    Mellisa is a very important plant in the alchemy world, said to create "the elixir of youth" if you believe what is written in old books. It is said to have some almost magical curative properties. thats probably extremely exaggerated, but every myth has a basis in reality, right? because from whats posted above, it does seem like Melissa has some curative properties i can dig out some alchemical process using it if people like.
  13. simon_marklar

    Melbourne Dance Party (Rave) Flyers available for trade

    there is a travelling exhibition about drugs that is full of fliers from australia raves/doofs. http://museumvictoria.com.au/Drugs-Social-History stillbuggin... my god... so many memories... that i cant remember. its good to have a time line. i remember the party names but chronology etc is a bit messed up.
  14. simon_marklar

    Central Coast meet?

    I been there. its really cool, but completely faked. 15 minute walk from the road. it also has a perfect doof dancefloor next to it but alas - its national park . not sure if we can get there because you had to go down woy woy road, which is only half open i think. would need to be checked out. I'm pretty sweet for any date as long as i get enough notice... i have nothing going on that month anyways.
  15. simon_marklar

    Central Coast meet?

    how bout we make it in july then. where would we go tho? anywhere on the central coast got any ethnobotanical significance?