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  1. HI All, If you made it yesterday: It was great to catch up; to share fine food & drink together; and to swap seeds, cuttings, plants, and gardening ideas. If you didn't make it: Boy, did YOU miss out. :-) Remember, we're tentatively scheduling the NEXT one at noon on Sunday 17 December at the Tecoma pavilion in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens... The first weekend after EGA 2017, to maximise the turnout of newcomers. Carl p.s. Look for my hands-on round-table discussion of gardening skills, at EGA. Your participation will be much appreciated.
  2. Hi All, I'm gonna be there, and bring stuff to share, on Sunday October 8th 2017. Is it right to assume "the usual"... noon (sharp) in or near the Tecoma pavilion, at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens? Will also bring along an "agenda" of things to cover, regarding the MAXimum promotion of our little meetings, during my "practical hands-on gardening workshops" at EGA in December this year. The last few meet ups I've managed to attend had NO one, or only a couple of other people show up. (That makes it not worth all the traffic, parking, loading/unloading, preparing, etc. from way our here in Ferntree Gully.) Cheers, Carl
  3. Hi All, I am NOT free for 1 October 2017. I COULD attend on 8 Oct, and PREFER to attend on 15 Oct. As usual, will bring plants, seeds, etc. to give away -- if I can attend. Need to know ASAP, so I can prevent any other things from conflicting. Cheers, Carl
  4. Hi Amazonian,


    Thanks for the post on the Melbourne Meetup thread.


    Yes, I'm planning on a meeting the Sunday right after the EGA 2017.  I'll be running a workshop or two on practical gardening at EGA, and will promote the Melbourne Growers Meetups to the attendees.


    Would love for local growers to meet a week or two BEFORE EGA, so we can plan for this membership drive thingie (above).






  5. Hi All, If you're going to EGA in December 2017: I'll be presenting some hands-on gardening workshops there, and PROMOTING THE MELBOURNE GROWERS' MEET-UPS. So, let's have a meet-up at the usual place, the first Sunday after the EGA? We need to get our numbers up, eh. Today's (Sunday 27 Aug 2017) noon-ish meeting... PLEASE NOTE: Due to the low response rate, INSTEAD OF THE BOTANIC GARDENS, I'm going to have a few folks over at my garden, near WANTIRNA SOUTH (~30 km due east of the Melbourne CBD). When you're in the area, just ring or text me, and I'll guide you in to the exact address. Carl Turney Mobile 0427 024 735
  6. Hi All, IF you've been to our Melbourne Gardener's meetings before, AND are free around mid-day this Sunday (27 August 2017), AND can get to the outer eastern suburb of Wantirna South (i.e. Westfield Knox Shopping Centre), THEN -=text=- (not ring) me ASAP, and I'll take you on a tour of a beautiful garden I'm involved with. Mobile 0427 024 735 Carl p.s. Let's get lots of local hands-on gardeners active and involved ASAP, in preparation for the EGA in Victoria in December this year. There should be lots of newcomers in need of seeds, cuttings, compost, pots, guidance, etc. Let's be ready for them! :-)
  7. Hi All, How does Sunday August 27th at noon near the Tecoma Pavilion at the eastern edge of the Melbourne Botanical Gardens? As usual, my luck in the garden has been too good, and I've got lots of plants to give away to whoever attends. How can we tell all the local gardeners, who have ticked "no" to this forum emailing them when something gets posted here? On the day, you can give me ideas on what to cover for my hands-on gardening workshop at the upcoming EGA in a few months. Cheers, Carl
  8. Hi All: Sorry, but I won't be able to make it on April 22nd. (1) It's Earth Day (or something). (2) It's the March for Science event (State Library to Parliament House) about that time. (3) I'm rostered to work until 3pm, and will be totally buggered by the end of my shift. Have a good time. Carl the ex Yank
  9. Hi Rocky, Very sorry, but I'm very flat out myself for the next week or so. Planned to organise/host something, but work stuff etc. is just taking over me. Hope that other local members post here, or private message you. Don't forget the excellent goods on sale and many growers, back up in Northern NSW e.g. at Shaman Australis. Carl
  10. Hi All, Just so happens the March for Science (and Earth Day) are both on Saturday 22nd of April. The March starts at 1:30 (State Library) and ends at 3:00 (State Parliament) with events in a nearby park after that. It would be nice to see as many of you as possible WELL BEFORE then, and give out as many plants as you can take off my hands. (I've got a ute, some of the plants are tall, can't really leave them alone unattended.) I've really had a guts-full of the Royal Botanic Gardens. Traffic and parking anywhere near that area are hell. Everyone please seriously consider the park in Kew, at the corner of Cotham Road (AKA Whitehorse Road) and Gellibrand Street. Traffic and parking and public transport etc. is nicer. It's also the "population centre of gravity" for the Melbourne metropolitan area. We had a LOW turnout at the last event, so it would be nice to have LOTS of folks appear, whenever and wherever we choose. Also, if you're taking public transport, but want some plants, please organise someone (Uber Utes?) to help you with the logistics. Ta, Carl
  11. Hi, I liked Philip Glass's music, for the first minute or two. Then it just felt like the famous Chinese Water Torture. Philip Glass formula for becoming rich and famous... 1 - Think up a 3- or 4-note jingle. 2 - Slap it onto a continuous loop for 5-10-15 minutes. 3 - Sell it to young people on drugs. 4 - End of formula for success. Ergo, I guess you could say I'm not a fan. Don't know anything about music theory/nomenclature, but have been spoiled for decades with music that is made up of many different notes and tempos, is composed of different distinct phases/sections, that transitions from one phase/section to another, etc. So, I may listen to his stuff, for a short while, if someone paid me, and I was on something mind-numbing enough. :-) Cheers, Carl p.s. Am thinking of a meeting in early April, in/near that park in Kew (better parking, traffic, etc). And still have lots of different plants to give away to anyone with a green thumb.
  12. Hi All, Yes, still happening 12 noon, Saturday, 11 February 2017, in/near Tecoma Pavilion, Melbourne Botanic Gardens. Be there, on time, or miss out on the free plants I'm giving away. (Those using public transport, bummer.) Current forecast is +30C and minimal chance of rain. I myself can only stick around until 1pm-ish, sorry. Cheers, Carl Turney
  13. Hi, Next Melb meet noon, Sat. 11 Feb 2017. Just to clarify: I think I was the one who first suggested the 28th (i.e. this coming weekend), and I decided to POSTPONE it until Saturday 11 Feb 2017, starting at noon-ish, at (or near) the Tecoma Pavilion in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens. Looking forward to seeing you all there, including first-timers. Remember that Gardens staff frown upon folks moving plants into/out-of the gardens. So keep donations or exhibits in your car, or in your bag. Cheers, Carl (tall, grey-haired, glasses,Yank accent)
  14. Hi All, Very little response, so far, for something on 28 January. Something else has just come up on the same date and time for me. EGA is having its AGM on Saturday the 4th, and during it we could promote something for after then. So, how does noon, Saturday 11 Feb 2017, Tecoma Pavilion, Melb Botanic Gardens sound to you all? Comments? Pass this suggestion on to "the regulars" you know? Check following posts for confirmation? Thanks, Carl
  15. Hi gang! Yep, Saturday the 28th sounds great to me. Time? Place? (As usual) I've been too successful in my garden, and (as in the past) would be bringing half a dozen or more species of viable plants to give away. Cheers, Carl (tall, grey-haired, ex-Yank) p.s. Note that EGA is having its AGM the following Saturday (the 4th). If you're not an active member, it's well worth it. A great public service.