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  1. Uncle. S

    Wattleseed beer.

    That beer tastes amazing and very drinkable
  2. Uncle. S

    Diving accident

    Yeah wish i hadnt watched that...
  3. Uncle. S

    Looking for cactus

    Hey, just looking for 60-100cm of some nice healthy cactus cut(s), preferably around perth somewhere (I live near Curtin). Not fussy, whether is pach, peru or bridge. Cheers
  4. Uncle. S

    Doomsday Methane Bubble Rupture?

  5. Uncle. S

    kava recipes

    The impression i got from this thread was that the normal kava was being used in the milkshakes but not being strained, as the flavour and consistency made it easy enough to get down, roughage and all. I can confirm that i have blended it once with water, olive oil and lecithin, and just swallowed the whole mix down with no adverse effects..
  6. Uncle. S

    No refund on phenylephrine

    I was informed last night by the pharmacy assistant that i could not have tablets with pseudo as the only active ingredient, and must have it combined with paracetamol and chlorphineramine, as "too many people are turning it into heroin and speed and cocaine" I only wanted it because i'm already taking paracetamol+codeine and restavit at the moment as well, so frustrating!
  7. "Ecstacy: You don't know what you're really taking" not anymore, good work getting the decent pills off the streets so that the market can be flooded with poison...
  8. Uncle. S

    high end serial trading thread

    Yes please! vvvv gets garlic chives seeds vvvvvv joking!!! please continue
  9. Uncle. S

    TWEAKERS THREAD- Caring for Your Body

    I always assumed that was a result of having a dry mouth for hours at a time and occasionally nipping it with your teeth, so maybe use one of the 'mouth-wetting' ideas?
  10. I have no idea who he is, just giving honest feedback about my first impression of the site. People usually vote with their feet and first impressions are important.
  11. I'm not trying to be rude at all, just offering some constructive criticism, but i think you need to work on your spelling and grammar. It makes your posts and your whole site look unprofessional and crappy. Good luck with it though and i hope it works out the way you want it to.
  12. Uncle. S

    Bombilla? In perth

    Is that the one that used to be next to the fish shop? Last time i went, a month or two ago, it was gone...?
  13. Uncle. S

    Bombilla? In perth

    Hey just wondering if anyone knows where i can buy a bombilla, the yerba mate straw thingy, in the perth area? Cheers!
  14. Yes please vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv gets fresh sida rhombifolia seed and big bag of passionflower/damiana smoking blend vvvvvvvvvvv
  15. Uncle. S

    Sida rhombifolia?

    I can't describe the shift in mindset, just different, maybe slightly depressed, just odd, which i didn't notice the first time but recognised it each time after. Combined with the dexys didn't seem to really have any synergy, but i just expected to be able to sleep by 8 or 9am like usual. Instead it was a horrible struggle to get to sleep until the night after. Send me your addy chiral and i will post some seed over soon. My plant is still flowering so will have more seed very soon. Now to wikipedia phenibut..