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  1. astroturf? or just "useful idiots" you decide....
  2. Sonny Jim

    Chill the fuck out yo!

    for shame!
  3. Sonny Jim

    Youtube vids

    prime-air?...more like primer anyhoo, they'be be too easy to pluck out of the sky with a slug gun or modified magnetron or series of magnetrons attached to blimp and sent into drone air-passageways...or with a butterfly net....with magnetrons and stuff on it. it'd be too easy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=50zT3o6KOgs
  4. Sonny Jim

    Chill the fuck out yo!

    does that mean the nook probably is as well?
  5. Sonny Jim

    Chill the fuck out yo!

    is this place the dreaded "AstroTurf" we've been hearing about? Pretty realistic for artificial grass roots though...lol anyway, as long as nobody gets too angry and says the F or the C word (other's?) then I think it's all friends/mates/pals.
  6. whitewind i wrote nothing about wanting zero gov. For example, i have written at least twice in this thread that deregulation of australia's economy was very bad...what gives? i don't think what i am saying is that complex, most of my posts to this thread are short so how did you get that from what i have said? I am talking about tyranny, have another look over my posts here.
  7. sorry three post, I just wanted to make it clear that. "ime it's useless arguing with torsten. after observing his posts on and off for a couple of years, i think he has little of value to contribute other than knowledge about drugs and plants. this is only my opinion." I have been reading this forum for maybe 15 years (has it been going that long? I am sure I was reading this forum in my late teens/early twenties) and I think that's unfair about torsten but I am sure he is thick skinned enough to not be phased, Anyway, I am very happy to argue with everyone in this thread especially torsten because I am genuinely needing to understand this mind set. I have a family member who would probably agree with torsten but he won't talk to me about it anymore.... but I really want to keep the discussion going.... but maintain that I want "you people" to stay away from my freedom to have children, if you need to over look facts to maintain your argument then that's ok I guess..in the interest of diplomacy/keeping the discussion going....because "you people" scare me. or maybe it's not about overlooking fact, maybe it's about how we feel about humanity deep down because I know proponents of increased gov power use facts to back up their arguments. What I am politely trying to get at is this; I actually would have been less sensitive to the dangers of proposed laws this year, I actually had less love for humanity until I had kids, I wouldn't have been as horrified by DOCS tyranny before I had children. somethings you can learn from being clever but somethings you must learn from experience....the horror of destroying the family is less obvious to someone who has less understanding of family due to never being charged with having to take care of offspring. I am sorry if that offends torsten and darklight but remember we are trying to be frank and I will accept or at least ponder torsten's generalizations if he will at least ponder my generalisation about not having a certain experience and the way it might effect his overall view of humanity.
  8. what worries me the most is that proponents of increasing gov power seem in this thread seem to think that the gov is their friend and somehow out to help them but no serious student of the topic could get passed their first few months of study on any just about any gov in the world to realise gov is only the puppet of the oligarchy and the oligarchy almost by definition are almost always very dangerous people....you might ask who but only the truly ignorant narcissist would lust after the power to fuck with and steal from people they are supposed to be looking after...when they are already rich so have no need to steal and fuck people over? sure, in a world where the people didn't live under increasing tyranny gov power would be less of in issue but in this world it is EVERYTHING!, pick a time and place, any. and show me how this isn't an obvious fact of history. maybe you totally trust gov?...it seems like it....maybe you are gov? just joking really I just want to understand because y'all scare me. Do you worry about it in the same way i do. Do you think I am just too stupid to understand the wisdom of your idea of what tough love should be? and if you just had the chance to do it I would realise you are right? ^^^because that's what I am scared of.
  9. but torsten what about the fact that the ignorant masses you are worried about were created by gov policy i.e. the systematic dumbing down of the population via the education system and weaponised "bread and circus" style culture. why does it then follow that increasing gov power will be a good thing? isn't that just playing into the trap set by the oligarchy i.e. destroy prosperity over many decades (fabian style) to consolidate control because it gets the massed to agree to their own extermination/mistreatment/discrimination by their own gov. that's why I wrote to you and darklight before in this thread to remind you that it's all about wealth and power consolidation, you people will get no extra resources from the gov by fucking with my freedom. I am sorry that's not obvious, I recommend refreshing your historical perspective (and preset day) on the facts concerning planned/forced austerity
  10. we (me, you and every australian but a few) have already shown the financial oligarchy we won't protect children unfairly targeted by docs, so it's will get worse but the fact it now has popular support complete with state produced talking points tells me we are in for hard times never before seen in the modern west. That's scary. edit: wait! nazi germany was fairly modern west important modern particle physics came out of that part of the world and time, they were pretty sophisticated.
  11. I'm sorry you feel targeted, but you need to look at why you think this is, because nobody is coming for you. The only place this is happening is in your head. Nobody here sets policy or legislation no but you will vote for policy that does and it seems like you will do so on mass. very scary, not for my family personally, my child is getting a bit old to be messed with but there's so many poor young families out here and I know they are already at the rough end of the stick with this tyranny.
  12. and torsten, the argument that gov already does this, that we just need to do it better. well I know the gov already takes children unfairly, I have written about that in the recent days. why don't you people understand how terrifying it would be to become pregnant with a child and have some bullshit lie about resource restriction let the gov come and make you have an abortion because that's where this kind of shit leads...no? it's all about wealth and power consolidation, you people will get no extra resources from the gov by fucking with my freedom. I am sorry that's not obvious, I recommend refreshing your historical perspective (and preset day) on the facts concerning planned/forced austerity.
  13. i find it truly scary that even torsten has zero respect for the basic freedoms that make humanity humane. do i really have to explain how dangerous such gov power can be. honestly, who am i talking to?
  14. I want you liars to stay away from me and my kids keep your fucking policy away from my freedom to have children edit: go ahead, belittle the fact that you are a danger to me. this is not about the dole, this is about birthrate and restricting birthrate
  15. remember please, that we are talking about Australia, we are talking about proposed laws for Australia. you have shown that you will believe any convenient lie to get a chance to fuck with parents and their children. over population (in australia!, sheesh i thought that went without saying), is a lie. that's why you scare me darklight and friends. because it sounds like you want to hurt my family. or rather you are so dumb you don't see the danger in what you propose and will believe any lie to maintain your scary position.