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  1. divinersage

    First subs of the 2011 season!

    WOW! soooo early, im gonna head out after i have a snooze! it's raining as we speak so should be good times. Does anyone else find that the woodchips fruit first?
  2. divinersage

    A questions for sub eaters

    FOAF has consumed 12 month old subs that where dried in 18 hours to cracker standards then ziplocked with dessicant and put into the freezer, FOAF expected an amount of degradation in potency so a dose of 3.5g was taken. FOAF was tripping harder than possibly ever after 30 minutes ( lemon tea tek ) a friend of FOAF ended up calling the ambos as he was unable to "go with the flow" and started to have a panick attack. those subs aged gracefully like a fine wine.
  3. divinersage

    2010 Sub season

    from today : [image]http://www.shroomery.org/forums/thumbs/10-31/107819097-thumb_P1010333.jpg[/image] theres plenty out there people.
  4. divinersage

    psilocybe subaeruginosa season starts soon!

    ^ if weather permits
  5. divinersage

    New Solo Project :)

    thanks mate appreciate it can find a lot more recent stuff up here on my soundcloud! www.soundcloud.com/daydream-pioneer
  6. divinersage

    2010 Sub season

    subs but not subs if you know what i mean! look like a cross between charateristics of an Azure and a Mycena sp
  7. divinersage

    Daydream Pioneers

    yeah thats the overall consensus so far - need something extra in the chorus. stereo panning on the vocals alone? or maybe the backings?
  8. divinersage

    Daydream Pioneers

    Here -----> www.myspace.com/daydreampioneers "Heartless"
  9. divinersage

    Daydream Pioneers

    BUMP! New song heartless. any feedback would be wonderful
  10. divinersage

    Daydream Pioneers

    gotta love it when karma treats you like that! recording tommorow - might chuck it up that night if the mix comes out okay.
  11. divinersage

    2010 Sub season

    yumtastic Mayo !
  12. divinersage

    2010 Sub season

    thanks for your insight meanies! well ive already started a "controlled" woodchip patch, left enough room to grow pinus radiata AND gum nuts and leaves along with a little bittle of decaying native grasses that subs just LOVE! so hopefully by next year i can show you guys the difference in a side by side comparison !!! anychance of my controlled patch fruiting this year if it only started colonising 5 weeks ago? its pretty well developed! more so than fruiting patches ive observed. ALSO! my DIY urban-assualt patch, in a park across the road from my place got churned up and replaced by treated chips about 3 weeks ago all that effort gone to waste
  13. divinersage

    2010 Sub season

    i cant work the embed on this forum to save my life - so heres a link to my Shroomery pic folder. http://www.shroomery.org/forums/upload.php?action=viewthumb&imgpl=3&imgpp=12&folder=2010 found a bunch more subbies today / wish i went earlier, lots starting to decay but also lots of pins!
  14. divinersage

    2010 Sub season

    nice snaps mate! found a dozen or so a 2 min walk from my house. pretty stoked. hope it goes nuts mid winter!
  15. divinersage

    2010 Sub season

    whenever i take my spore prints i just foil around the sub without breaking the stalk from "nature"