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  1. Genesis

    Building a cob pizza oven

    Thanks for that man, heaps of info. You know anything about buying clay? Transporting clay from the closest river into my backyard isn't really feasible as my block is aggressively stepped with multiple retaining walls meaning even mowing grass is a mammoth under taking. Would be easier so carry cement-esque bags of clay and run a hose down there.
  2. Genesis

    Building a cob pizza oven

    I have been thinking about getting a wood fired oven for the backyard for a while now but the nature of my block means I can't install a prebuilt one (plus who has a few grand to drop on an oven that will only be used a handful of times a year?) and I have zero building skills so that rules out a brick oven. After a bit of searching I came across cob ovens, built with clay, sand and straw. Seems like a good route to take, cheap, easy and effective way to build but I had a few questions and thought a few of you guys would have for sure already had a crack at this. Any one had any experience with cob building? Tips and tricks? My soil has ZERO clay and I don't have access to an area with clay heavy soil, is there an alternative? Like can you purchase a clay additive or bags of dried clay powder from a building supply store? Google searches have been zero help. Also anyone that can offer advice is invite to a pizza party in the very distant future lol Cheers
  3. So I have seen some good teks regarding pasteurization of bulk substrate but they often just involve soaking bags in boiling water for an undisclosed period of time. Long story short I have access to sous vide equipment and it struck me the other day that this would be the perfect method to pasteurize a large amount of bagged substrate but I am having difficulty finding times and temperatures. Obviously the bag will need to reach an internal temperature of between 75 and 85 degrees C but is there a set time frame this temperature needs sustained? Or once the core reaches this temperature the bags are pasteurized? Cheers in advance
  4. Hey guys, chasing down some pereskiopsis, either rooted or 3 to 5 cm cuttings for grafts. Would prefer around 10+ pieces but what ever would be helpful. Name your price with postage. Cheers fellas
  5. Genesis

    Extreme Reaction to SAB Zonk Product.

    Shit man, that sounds horrid. I know the feeling, I usta get these weird sleep fuck ups as I was dozing off. As I began to nod my mind was still working but my body wouldnt move and I would have like a mini panic attack till I could get my legs and arms to work, lol. Scary scary, couldn't imagine it for longer then a few seconds though.
  6. Genesis

    Anti Aging Hormone Therapy

    Hey kids, been reading up on anti aging therapy for quite a while now. Apparently as we age out hormone levels drop and some doctors think this is part of the reason why we age. Drops in hormone levels cause similar symptoms to aging like: Balding Thining of skin Muscle loss And other such junk Anyone had any experience with anti aging hormone replacement? Also I am mostly interested in the upsides of boosted testosterone, muscle gain and living forever Cheers lads, Gen
  7. "I feel a bit guilty because the reason mushrooms have that stuff in them is so that they aren’t eaten. It’s like giving someone poison." Douche...
  8. Genesis

    Melbourne Meet- Celebrate Autumn

    28th? I am there man. Same ol place and junk, sounds fun. I always forget what tram it is from Flinders, last time I took the wrong one and went past the gardens all together, ahhaha *Is a tard*. Also there is a good chance I will be getting my pissed on at the Young and Jackson if anyone wants before and after pints, lol See yas sunday Gen
  9. Genesis

    Melbourne Meet- Celebrate Autumn

    Argh you bastards, always when I am working! Two I will miss now Sad panda. I miss you Sharxx, not so much PD. Hes a fuck head hahahha Gen
  10. Hey crackers. As you know I fucking love this how to. Just some tips: Instead of pasteurising in an esky of hot water try using the oven. When I used and esky a heap of water soaked into the substrate and fucked the shop up pretty bad. If you load it into into oven bags, knot them, then put that into ANOTHER oven bag and bake for like an hour @ 120 it will work a treat. Let it all cool down before you inoc. Also I use double bags cause if one breaks it wont leak shit (Horse shit to be exact) into my oven :D It's a lot easier kids... Gen
  11. Genesis

    Whats the Value of your cadaver?

    Ehh I cant post pics... Aids. I am $4,565 :D Not to shaby
  12. Genesis

    Sheep gives birth to human-faced lamb

    You son of a bitch! lol I think this is the real deal. Animals are born with all kinds of weird deformities. At work we get chicken foetus that have two heads, three eyes, no eyes, two bodies. You name it I have seen it! Just a freak of nature. Much like Dreamz, the by product of a female ape breeding with a Maltese male. Almost passes as human... Almost...
  13. Genesis

    How to start a small business

    WELL... Disregard my rant. Cheers man, much help :D I feel like an idiot now lol Gen
  14. Genesis

    How to start a small business

    Hey guys, bare with me a second this is going to be somewhat complicated and possibly all over the place, lol. I know a lot of you fellas sell and trade cactus and other entheogens amongst yourselves, make a bit of cash on the side to suppliment what ever income you may have. Recently I have been talking with a few members and they have said they are interest in starting their own businesses but don't know where to begin. I myself was in the same situation about a year ago and found it hard to get good information without forking out a load on money on seeing accountants etc. I managed to get an ABN and a Businesses name via the internet then kind of came unstuck when it come to the taxation, accounting and record keeping stuff. A fair few of you guys operate your own small businesses and I know there are a few accountants on the forums so I figured with a pool of knowledge like that we could offer each other some assistance and guidance getting a few new businesses started. I don't know, maybe get a heap of info together and make a HOW TO pdf? Or have a little question and answer thread pinned? Would be cool to see some more intendant businesses kicking around, not to mention the good it could do for our community. Also it would help me out heaps Cheers kids, Gen
  15. Genesis

    HEMP gender testing

    Hope that helps a little. Got a great book somewhere I bought years ago. I'll try and find it and post some stuff from it. Gen *Edit* I am an idiot and didn't read the post right. As some one already said the only way tell gender is when the plant reaches sexual maturity. I read about feminised seeds that offer 95 percent female rate but I think there is a fair amount of bullshit behind this. If the grower is breeding for gender traits then you are sure to loose some quality in the smoke imo