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    P.Euacalypta print

    I have personally collected subaeruginosa under coil pine in the nightcap ranges. Under the scope they had the classic clear bowling pin cystidia and were identical to collections from Canberra, perth and melbourne. Its got nothing to do with looking the same - studies demonstrate they are cross compatible and dna analysis also confirmed this. Regional variation in indole content is possible but im not talking opinion here im talking evidence. Johnson and buchanan suggested subaeruginosa was very close to cyanescens and recent dna evidence again supports that contention.
  2. Zen Peddler

    South America Questions about Ethnobotany

    half the economy of some of the countries between Guatemala and Panama is made on white powder but im guessing your thinking traditional.
  3. Zen Peddler

    Kava in aus(in tablet form)?

    Just curious - is tongan pretty good?
  4. Zen Peddler

    P.Euacalypta print

    Indeed ;)
  5. Zen Peddler

    P.Euacalypta print

    And for the records they look the same as subaeruginosa really. They have the same grey-flecked stipe you dont see on european and american lignious psilocybes
  6. Zen Peddler

    P.Euacalypta print

    Stamets totally ignored the cross compatibility work of Chang and Mills, the taxonomical lechotype examinations of Johnson and Buchanan which unlike his ponderings here actually have a scientific/research basis. Ps eucalypta is a phenotype of psilocybe subaeruginosa and it has the same hyaline bowling pin shaped cystidia. But more recent dna extraction puts subaeruginosa very close to Ps cyanescens possibly even casting doubt on subaeruginosa's delineation.
  7. Zen Peddler

    truffles contain 'bliss' molecule

    Caffeine consumption in humans is the perfect example of a defense mechanisms against insects becoming attractive to humans by accident. it does happen no doubt.
  8. Zen Peddler

    truffles contain 'bliss' molecule

    I dont think anyone would claim definitively that the indole compounds are in this group of mushrooms primarily as a defence mechanism. it is entirely possible that they served an entirely different purpose. Many animals that may have consume mushrooms apparently had brains that dont as readily rely on the serotonin system thus these indoles may have a lesser effect on them (although it also possible that they have an increased effect). But I dont see the argument that they may have primarily a defensive role is at all simplistic. Often in science the most likely possibility and the easiest explained scenario is the most probably - Occam's Razor and all. There are two known species of mushroom that contains indole compounds that arent directly psychoactive and in both those cases the data is scetchy and unreliable. This suggests that the indoles dont appear as a spectrum of inactive to prominently active indoles and that its just a coincidence that some are serotonically psychoactive. Secondly mushrooms that do not contain indole compounds are just as vigourous and healthy suggesting that the indoles dont play a primary role in the healthy of vibrance of the mushroom. A very stained mushroom through indole oxidisation will just as successfully drop its spores as one that hasnt had its indole content drained by oxidisation. Further there are myriads of examples of other species of mushrooms containing nasty toxins like amatoxins that degrade RNA synthesis in victims who have injested them. it would be argue that these lethal toxins have any role in the mushrooms other than a defensive mechanisms. On the other hand there arent any strong examples of other species of mushrooms containing other constituents that are produced for symbiosis with mammals or insects - the only example are mycorrizhae with trees and plants. This of course is conjectural rather than definitive but I have always firmly believed that the stoned ape theory of human serotonic evolution being catalysed by psilocybin-containing mushrooms is a load of crap. And i dont buy that suggesting the indoles are in this specific group of mushrooms as a defensive mechanism is simplistic. over the years Ive found that people have resisted this possibility more because they want to believe the mushrooms have a higher purpose and seek some sort of symbiosis with humans which is possible as well but a more romantic notion than usually proves true in the harsh realities of evolution.
  9. Zen Peddler

    truffles contain 'bliss' molecule

    Wow this was a fascinating thread and i enjoyed every post. i wonder if its like caffeine - toxic to insects but useful for us? By accident these group of plants have guaranteed their success because their defense wakes us up. I did read somewhere that primate brains rely more on the serotonic system than other animals but i tend to agree thst it is a defence mechanism at least initially. it is weird how psilocybe mushrooms do love to thrive in our manicured, mulched garden beds but then again so do galerina and L.ceres - both if which contain constituents that are clearly defense mechanisms.
  10. Zen Peddler

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    I keep forgetting to check this thread. i have an untested oyster and turkey plates - just pm if interested
  11. Zen Peddler

    Flow Hood for Sale

    Same as mine? Then its worth it as mine as been excellent
  12. Zen Peddler

    When's chanterelle season NNSW?

    Ive done it a few times. Its worst when someone sends you a plate and you run 20 bags of the wrong species...
  13. Zen Peddler

    When's chanterelle season NNSW?

    No pseudogills or gill veins that fork and reconnect
  14. Zen Peddler

    When's chanterelle season NNSW?

    Yeah those arent chantarelles
  15. Zen Peddler

    wood blewit /lepista nuda/spores

    Where was the print taken? Did u happen to clone it as well?
  16. Zen Peddler

    Black/ brown bolete, white underside- Tylopilus?

    We have one collection of Boletus badius in the herbarium from wa and edulis is now quite common in the adelaide hills with rumours about the yarra ranges each year. Birch boletes are an ok substitute on the meantime
  17. Zen Peddler

    Sightings in WA

    My mate found chants in the Jarrah forests over there including the lilac ones. boletus badius has been reported from perth region
  18. Zen Peddler

    free plates

    All posted out. Thanks.
  19. Zen Peddler

    free plates

    Hey im dropping a few strains as its getting too complicated. if anyone wants a shaggymane or agaricus bitorquis culture let me know. Have some older king oyster plates that ill be chucking as well if there are no takers. Cheers.
  20. Zen Peddler

    Cheap Laminar Flowhood any good?

    Ive never looked back really. Just bleach and alcohol spray your work area, turn it on for half an hour and work right in front of it. I cant remember the last time i saw an airborne contaminant and its a million times more reliable than a glovebox (which are also a super pain in the arse).
  21. Zen Peddler

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Wow meanies are going off. Keep your eyes out for king stropharia also going gang busters up your way
  22. Zen Peddler

    ID Please (pretty please)?

    Bolete taxonomy is pretty poor in australia
  23. Zen Peddler

    ID Request Please (new finds)

    Agree but some do look like Pan cyanescens
  24. Zen Peddler

    aboriginal mushroom use

    Would love to know what native species they ate around here